Green Party: Grant protected legal status for immigrants

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p Green Party US new logoIn October, Green Party US put out the following statement on immigration:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party candidates and activists expressed alarm at President Obama’s dismissal of immigrants’ rights and apparent capitulation to the rhetoric of xenophobic Republican extremists.

Greens called for humane policies that recognize the basic rights of documented and undocumented immigrants and support an executive order to grant the latter protected legal status, amnesty, and an offer of citizenship.

The Obama Administration has deported more immigrants than any previous administration, with a record 438,421 deportations in 2013, 44% of which took place under “expedited removal orders” that denied court hearings. 96% of deportees are from Latino countries.

President Obama is now seeking $3.7 billion to fund “a sustained border security surge through enhanced domestic enforcement,” $40 million for air surveillance, and increased funding for drones for use against undocumented immigrants. read more »

Green Party makes progress on ballot access in 2014

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From Ballot Access News:

p Green Party US new logoThe Green Party is now on the ballot for president in 2016 in nineteen states. By contrast, four years ago it was on in fourteen states. For purposes of this sentence, the District of Columbia is treated as a state.

The Arizona Green Party submitted 30,000 signatures on November 14, so in all likelihood it will soon be on in Arizona. It has almost finished its Maryland petition drive and expects to submit those signatures in December, so it will probably soon be on in 21 states, the most it has ever had following a midterm election.

Relative to four years ago, the Green Party has gained Delaware, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Who does the Working Families Party work for?

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Andrew CuomoThe Working Families Party, which began in New York and has attempted to spread to other states, stirred up considerable controversy in 2014 by supporting Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign for New York Governor. Cuomo has done much to anger New York progressives, including breaking a promise to support independent redistricting and vowing to fight labor unions in his second term.

The Working Families Party’s decision to endorse Cuomo a second time has raised questions about their strategy of urging progressives to vote for right-wing Democrats like Cuomo, as well as possible links between this strategy and the WFP’s sources of funding.

From In These Times, “Andrew Cuomo and the Sad State of the Working Families Party”:

To demonstrate the party’s weakness, one need only look at how far out of its way the WFP went to win voters by not mentioning the candidate at the top of the ticket. Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) President Stuart Appelbaum on his Facebook simply said that he was voting for “Governor of New York” on the party line—no mention of who that governor was. Party mailers featured not an image of the governor but of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose plan for progressive taxation to fund universal pre-kindergarten was thwarted by the fiscally conservative Cuomo.

And there are many reasons why the party couldn’t talk about him. Cuomo failed to make good on a central promise he made in exchange for the WFP endorsement: to push for Democrats to regain control in New York’s State Senate.

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The two-party system is the problem; ranked-choice voting is the solution

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p lauren besankoLauren Besanko, who ran as a Maine Green Independent Party candidate for state representative, recently wrote an article for the Bangor Daily News about Maine’s growing movement for ranked-choice voting. From the article, entitled “The Two-Party Duopoly is the Problem”:

Ranked choice voting allows people to vote for several candidates in order, from their favorite to their least favorite, by assigning candidates numerical values. Their favorite candidate would receive the “No. 1” vote, their second favorite the “No. 2” vote and so on. One of the points of election reform like this should be to eliminate the “spoiler” effect, so we don’t end up splitting the vote, for example, between center-left and farther-left candidates, resulting in electing a far-right tea party Republican.

Reform like this could very well be the start of a path toward the end of a political system dominated by the two parties.

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State Green Parties unite against the pipelines

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From Green Party US:

p no kxl green partyWASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States is calling for the defeat of proposed tar-sands pipelines when the U.S. Senate votes on the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday and opposes alternative plans, including “Energy East,” that would route Canadian oil into the U.S. by pipeline or tanker.

Green Party leaders are encouraging the public to call on Senators to vote nay. If the Senate approves the pipeline, Greens urge President Obama to exercise his veto power.

The Green Parties of Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey have banded together against a proposed fossil-fuel pipeline through the region, calling themselves the Green Alliance to Stop the Pipelines, or GASP (

GASP opposes a plan by the six New England governors to spend $6 billion on the Kinder Morgan gas transmission pipeline, which would bring fracked natural gas to export terminals in Maine and Canada.

Greens criticized Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to hold the vote on Tuesday to allow pro-pipeline Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) to participate. Republicans in the Senate are determined to approve the pipeline, regardless of Democrats’ positions. (See “Green Shadow Cabinet: Alert: Resist the Dems’ KXL Sneak Attack!”

“Green Parties across the nation are battling plans for massive investments in fossil fuel infrastructure that, if approved, would sabotage efforts to avert the looming catastrophe of climate change,” said Jill Stein, 2012 Green presidential nominee and a member of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party. read more »

Vancouver elects 4 Greens to city government

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From the Canadian Broadcasting Company:

The Green party is celebrating what it called an historic win in Vancouver’s civic election, a vote that saw the largest Green caucus ever elected assert its place on council and the city’s park and school boards.

Four of the party’s seven candidates were given the nod from voters on Saturday in an election with the highest turnout in more than a decade.

“This is a huge win for the Greens,” said former Green party leader and re-elected Vancouver city councillor  Adriane Carr. read more »

Green Shadow Cabinet: ALERT: Resist the Dems’ KXL Sneak Attack!

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Alert: Resist the KXL Sneak Attack! Call Your Senator, Sign the Petition, Spread the Word.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is allowing Senator Landrieu a vote on legislation to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which will lock in massive carbon emissions, as well as inevitable spills and destruction across the US. The vote, scheduled for next Tuesday, is a stunt by Landrieu and other Democrats to prove that they are loyal agents of the fossil fuel industry. Meanwhile the Republicans plan to block that vote and create an identical one of their own. This could be our final chance to show our opposition and disgust at this colossal mistake.




Green Party highlights from Election Day 2014

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From Green Party US:

Election results and

p hawkins for governor girlWASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party made several advances in the 2014 general election on November 4, with Green candidates winning 27 seats and ballot lines held for most state Green Parties.

The most closely watched Green races were in Richmond, California, where outgoing Mayor Gayle McLaughlin overcame a $3-million campaign by Chevron to defeat her slate, and New York, where Howie Hawkins challenged incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. read more »

Massachusetts Greens state convention with Jill Stein in Worcester Sat. 11/15

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p MA Green Rainbow Party logoFrom the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Please join us in Worcester on November 15th for the Green-Rainbow Party State Convention. You’ll have the chance to meet your Green-Rainbow Party candidates, hear our guest speakers John Rensenbrink and Jim Cutler, as well as 2012 Green presidential candidate Jill Stein, and vote for your party officers for the next year.

Read on for details:

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NY Green Matt Funiciello declares success, plans to run for Congress again

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From Matt Funiciello for Congress:

p matt funiciello farmers market

Glens Falls – Matt Funiciello declared his race for the NY-21 as the Green Party’s Congressional candidate a success. Funiciello cited the 11% of the vote he received district-wide, the 24% he polled in Warren county, his inclusion in the debates and media alongside the corporate party candidates, the ratio of money raised and spent to votes garnered, and the success of Howie Hawkins’ campaign as major wins for district and New York voters. Funiciello also said he will run again in two years and use the strength of his campaign to build the Green Party across the district.

“What happened last night showed us that a significant portion of the district is no longer interested in corporate candidates from the Democratic or Republican parties. Over $5.5 million was spent on the race this year, most of it from my opponents and the outside corporate interests trying to buy this seat. Where Elise Stefanik’s campaign spent nearly $40 a vote, and Aaron Woolf’s $37 a vote, we spent only $2 a vote. Now Elise will go to Washington to serve the special interests controlling her, and Aaron will go back to making movies. I’m going to stay here and build on our success; with 11% of the vote we managed to energize people across the district. Now it’s up to us to build on that, establish a strong Green Party presence in CD-21, run again and win in two years. I’m proud of everyone who worked on the campaign and who cast a vote for change yesterday,” said Funiciello. read more »

Natalie Bennett: Why the UK Green Party is growing rapidly

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Natalie Bennett, leader of the UK Green Party, writes in The Independent:

#GreenSurge: Did you know that the Green Party is growing rapidly? Let me tell you why

It’s not just our environmental policies that has led to a surge in our support

p Natalie Bennett“I’m sorry.” That was a message I delivered on Sunday to the students of Lancaster University, speaking as as a representative of my generation (I’m 48). “We’ve made a right mess of things.” In Britain, and around the globe, we’ve got three crises all coming together at the same time: our economic, social, environmental systems are all failing.

It’s clear that young people are increasingly understanding this – and that this timing isn’t coincidental, but the result of the failure of decades of free-market politics and economics, which saw greed as good and the natural world as a storehouse to be plundered. The coming together of these crises makes the need for genuine change in our economy and society apparent, and that understanding was evident in Lancaster — with more than 100 students giving up their weekend to talk politics. read more »

2012 VP candidate Cheri Honkala takes leading role in movement against Philly school budget cuts

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Photo Credit: Harvey Finkle

Photo Credit: Harvey Finkle

Cheri Honkala was the Green Party’s 2012 Vice Presidential candidate and is the national coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.  For years, she has been a part of the struggle to save Philadelphia’s public schools from budget cuts, privatization, staff cuts, and other assaults.  Her deep involvement in these efforts started when her son’s elementary school was slated for the cutting block, one of dozens of such schools in Philadelphia.

In the past month, Honkala has taken on a more public role, just as organizing and action against ongoing cuts has escalated and become more visible.  The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign issued a statement summarizing their activity on the issue in October, and why it is so important:

We live in a world where children are being denied the right to proper education. School funds are constantly being cut and now the School Reform Commission (SRC) in Philadelphia decided they are going to try and fix the school system by cutting health care benefits for teachers! What about all of the funds going towards the prison system and oil companies? This past month Shell Oil was provided a $1.7 billion tax break while $0 was allocated for textbooks. Teachers are being told it is their time to make sacrifices but they have been sacrificing all along with limited resources, over crowded classrooms and fulfilling extra roles such as counselor and nurse due to lack of funding for full time staff.On October 9th,  Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPHERC) stood with parents, students, and teachers to demand that Governor Corbett explain himself and provide full funding for our schools. They shut down the elevators, blocked our access to the Governor and kicked out the media. They even went as far as to arrest Cheri Honkala, National Coordinator of PPEHRC and parent of a student at Julia R. Masterman School who attempted to deliver a citizens arrest against the governor for crimes against education and our children. 
On October 15th, The Philly Coalition Advocating for Public Schools organized a press conference in front of the headquarters of the School district of Philadelphia in response to the SRC’s decision. During this press conference, Cheri Honkala’s message was clear: “don’t mess with our babies’ education!”

The following day, October 16th, more than 1,000 teachers, parents, students, and community supporters gathered in front of the headquarters of the School district of Philadelphia to continue to protest against the SRC’s decision. During the protest, Cheri Honkala testified in front of the SRC to address the cancelation of teacher’s contracts along with 59 other speakers. 

They continue to cut back but we will continue to fight back! Our schools will be saved no matter how long we have to fight against this broken system! We are very proud of the students, teachers, parents, and community members that continue to protest alongside PPEHRC during these important demonstrations. There is no change without the people uniting together and demanding for it! The people united will never be divided and we will win!

Honkala’s arrest was covered by the Philadelphia City Paper (and a second time, after she got out of jail), Philly Metro, and a local education blog, among others.  Honkala also wrote about it on her new blog, including a pledge for people to support the movement.  Below is a video of Honkala speaking at the above-mentioned rally:

Howie Hawkins: America just took a wrong turn, it’s time to take a hard left

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Howie Hawkins, 2014 NY Green Party gubernatorial candidate, writes in The Guardian:

America just took a wrong turn. It’s time to take a hard left

Double down on oil and trouble? Not so fast: fracking bans in oil country and common sense on infrastructure might turn the US a deeper shade of green between now and 2016

p howie hawkins carSometimes it feels as if Sarah Palin won the last two presidential elections. We’re not quite living in “Drill Baby Drill” America, but by co-opting the other Republican energy slogan, a meaningless plan literally called “All-of-the-Above”, President Obama has opened up vast new areas to offshore drilling and pushed hydrofracking for oil and gas onshore. Even as the president says that “we are closer to energy independence than we’ve ever been before”, sometimes it seems like the US is becoming a repressive petrostate.

And then some days, like the day after the midterm elections, it feels like a complete victory for Palinite politics. The Republicans took back the US Senate, and the only Democrats who won major races were those like Andrew Cuomo, who defeated my Green Party campaign for governor of New York with a $45m campaign war chest provided by a few hundred super-rich donors – Democratic and Republican ones.

But there were real victories this week for progressive alternatives on clean energy, economic security and social justice. The extremist blood bath may have painted the country more red, but there were more than a few important – and extremely promising – tea leaves of green. It was even enough to suggest a new, independent, hard-left turn in American politics is still very much possible. read more »

Green Party 2014 Election Results

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p brian jones ramon jimenez labor day

US Senate
Tom Cotton – R – 56.55% (473,297)
Mark Pryor – D – 39.45% (330,209)
Nathan LaFrance – L – 2.03% (16,975)
Mark Swaney – G – 1.98% (16,545)
Asa Hutchinson – R – 55.45% (465,072)
Mike Ross – D – 41.50% (348,102)
Frank Gilbert – L – 1.91% (16,059)
Joshua Drake – G – 1.14% -(9,536)
California (CA’s Top Two primary eliminated all Green candidates for statewide office, Congress, and state legislature in early June (see here for Green results from the June primary). 22 of 37 Green candidates for local office in November 2014 won their races, with 1 more leading in a too-close-to-call race)

Mayor (2)

Jason “Shake” Anderson, Mayor, Oakland, Alameda County (endorsed by the Green Party of Alameda County)
15 candidates for one seat 816 votes 1.4% first round, ranked choice voting

Bruce Delgado, Mayor, Marina, Monterrey County, incumbent
1st/2 candidates for one seat 1319 votes 63.6% ELECTED

City Council (12)

Chrystal Coleman, City Council, Vista, San Diego County (endorsed by the Green Party of San Diego County)
4th/5 candidates for two seats 3044 votes 16.84% 
Michael Feinstein, City Council, Santa Monica, Los Angeles County (endorsed by the Green Party of Los Angeles County)
8th/14 candidates for three seats 2761 votes 6.26%
Vicente Cruz, City Council, District 6, Oakland, Alameda County (endorsed by the Green Party of Alameda County)
1 seat (write-in)
Juan Daniel Fernandez, City Council, Arcata, Humboldt County
3rd/5 candidates for two seats  669 votes 12.87%
Deborah Heathersone, Town Council, Pt. Arena, Mendocino County, appointed incumbent
Mark Iacuaniello, Town Council, Fort Bragg, Mendocino County
John Johns, City Council, Ukiah, Mendocino County
6th/8 candidates for three seats  353 votes 9.65% 
John Keener, City Council, Pacifica, San Mateo County
3rd/7candidates for three seats  3022 16.4%   ELECTED
Gayle Mclaughlin, City Council, Richmond, Contra Costa Countyp Gayle McLaughlin Richmond Mayor
Jon Mann, City Council, Santa Monica, Los Angeles County
11th/14 candidates for three seats  1180 2.67%
Eric Peterson, City Council, District 5, Salinas, Monterey County
2nd/2 candidates for one seat  533 34.34%
Paul Pitino, City Council, Arcata, Humboldt County
1st/2 candidates for one seats (two-year term, filling vacancy) 1904 votes 67.49%  ELECTED
Jane Rands, City Council, Fullerton, Orange County
Jack Wagner, City Council, Sonoma, Sonoma County

Community College District (1)

Amy Martenson, Board of Trustees, District 2 Napa Valley College, Napa County (endorsed by the Green Party of Napa County)
1st/2 candidates for one seat  1,088 votes 59.68% ELECTED

School District (10)

Joshua Alves, Governing Boardmbmer, Washington Unified School District, Yolo County
3 2nd/3 candidates for two seats  2084 votes 20.1%  

Ruscal Cayangyang, Board of Trustees, Vallejo Unified School District, Solano County
5th/8 candidates for three seats  4850 12.42% 

Dave Clark, Board of Directors, Cardiff School, San Diego County, incumbent 
3 candidates for three seats ELECTED

Adriana Griffin, Red Bluff Union School District, Red Bluff, Tehama County, appointed incumbent
3rd/4 candidates for three seats  1366 votes 25.26%   ELECTED

Jim C. Keller, Board of Trustees, Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District, Santa Cruz County
3 candidates for three seats ELECTED

Kathy Rallings, Board of Trustees, Carlsbad Unified School District, Carlsbad, San Diego County
2nd/6 candidates for three seats  5503 votes 19.35%   ELECTED

Alex Shantz, Board of Trustees, St. Helena Unified School District, Napa County
3 candidates for three seats ELECTED

David James (Jim) Smith, Board of Trustees, Canyon School, Canyon Township, Contra Costa County, incumbent
3 candidates for three seats  ELECTED

Logan Blair Smith, Little Shasta Elementary School District, Montague, Shasta County, appointed incumbent
1 candidate for one seat  ELECTED

Richard Williams, Board of Trustees, Panoche Elementary School District, San Benito County,appointed incumbent 
2 candidates for one seat (short term -two years)  7 votes, 26.92%
Rent Stabilization Board (2)
John Selawsky, Rent Stablization Board, Berkeley, Alameda County (endorsed by the Green Party of Alameda County)
4th/5 candidates for five seats  9335 19.27% ELECTED
Jesse Townley, Rent Stablization Board, Berkeley, Alameda County, incumbent (endorsed by the Green Party of Alameda County)
3rd/5 candidates for five seats 9612 votes 19.84%  ELECTED

Water District (2)

Larry Bragman, Board of Directors, Division 3, Marin Municipal Water District Board, Marin County
1st/2 candidates for one seat   4567 votes 51.24%   LEADING PENDING FINAL ABSENTEE/PROVISIONAL VOTE
Jan Shriner, Board of Directors, Marina Coast Water District, Monterrey County, incumbent (endorsed by the Green Party of Monterrey County)
Transit District (1)
Jeff Davis, Board of Directors, Ward 5, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (incumbent)  (endorsed by the Green Party of Alameda County)
1st/2 candidates for one seat  15517 votes 55.52%   ELECTED  
Fire District (2)
Robert L. Campbell, Scotts Valley Fire District, Santa Cruz County
Patricia Landis, Julian-Cuyamaca Fire District, San Diego County, incumbent
Recreation and Park District (1)
James Barone, Boardmember, Rollingwood-Wilart Recreation and Parks District, Contra Costa County
3 candidates for three seats  ELECTED
Community Services District (1)
Gerald Epperson, Board of Directors, Crocket Community Services Distrct, Contra Costa County,appointed incumbent
Planning Group (1)
William Bretz, Board of Directors, Crest, Dehesa, Granite Hills, Harbison Canyon Planning Group, Seat 8, San Diego County, incumbent
1 candidate for one seat  ELECTED
Governor (89.91% reporting)
John Hickenlooper – D – 47.79% (851,166)
Bob Beauprez – R – 47.75% (850,521)
Matthew Hess – L – 1.83% (32,620)
Harry Hempy – Green – 1.21% (21,485)
Mike Dunafon – Unaffiliated – 1.13% (20,155)
Paul Fiorino – Unaffiliated – 0.29% (5,119)

 US House of Representatives

Gary Swing – CO-6 – 1.9% (4th of 4)

State Senate
Martin Wirth – District 2 – 25% (2nd of 2)
Connecticut (CT Greens retain ballot lines for each race in which they earned at least 1%)
Secretary of State
Mike DeRosa – 16,638 (2.1%) – 3rd of 3
Rolf Maurer – 11,925 (1.6%) – 3rd of 3
Attorney General
Stephen Fournier – 16,073 (2.1%) – 3rd of 3
US House of Representatives
D.1 Jeff Russell – 2,357 (1.5%) – 3rd of 3
D.2 William Clyde – 2,135 (1.1%) – 3rd of 4
State Senate
D.1 Barbara Barry – 315 (2.1%) – 3rd of 4
D.27 David Michel – 4 (0.4%) – 3rd of 3
D.33 Colin Bennett – 431 (1.2%) – 3rd of 3
D.36 Edward Heflin – 1,793 (11.9%) – 2nd of 2
State House
D.25 Paul Gobell – 55 (1.7%) – 4th of 4
D.38 Billy Collins – 21 (1.5%) – 3rd of 3
D.65 Don Alexander – No results yet
D.67 Cynthia Day – 158 (2.2%) – 3rd of 3
D.84 Matt Went – 367 (14%) – 2nd of 2
D.94 Dave Olszta – 170 (4.4%) – 2nd of 2
D.122 Kelly Hanna – 222 (10.8%) – 2nd of 3
D.125 David Bedell – 286 (15.2%) 2nd of 2
D.148 Nathan Cloutier – no results yet
District of Columbia (32.5% reporting)
Delegate to US House of Representatives
Natalie Lino Stracuzzi – 3.35% (4th of 4)
Delegate to US Senate
David Schwartzman – 9.07% (2nd of 4)
City Council At Large
Eugene Puryear – 3.5% (6th of 15)


US Senate (97% of precincts reporting)

Christopher Coons – Democrat – 56.27% (124,821)
Kevin Wade – Republican – 41.76% (92,647)
Andrew Groff – Green – 1.97% (4,368)
Attorney General (100% of precincts reporting)
Catherine Damavandi – Green – 4.6% (3rd of 5)
US House of Representatives
Bernard August – 2.1% (3rd of 4)
State Treasurer
David Chandler – 2.8% (3rd of 3)
State Representative
David McCorquodale – District 21 – 19.3% (2nd of 2)
State Representative District 20

Calvin Say – D –  52.6% (4,621 )
Keiko Bonk – G –  23.3% (2,047)
Julia Allen – R –  20.4% (1,794)

State Representative District 44

Jo Jordan – D – 58.0%  (2,703)
Cedric Asuega Gates – G – 22.0% (1,025)
Allen Frenzel – L – 15%

Illinois (IL Green Party does not gain statewide ballot access due to not getting 5% in governor’s race, but remains established in CD-5, CD-12, and Chicago Metropolitan Water District)
US House of Representatives District 5
Mike Quigley – D – 63.16% (109,530)
Vince Kolber – R – 30.76% (53,341)
Nancy Wade – G – 6.08% (10,536)
US House of Representatives District 12
Mike Bost – R – 52.68% (106,435)
Bill Enyart – D – 41.64% (84,136)
Paula Bradshaw – G – 5.68% (11,474)
Chicago Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (9 candidates for 3 seats)

GRN – Karen Roothaan 61,267 4.43%
GRN – Michael Smith 55,231 3.99%
GRN – George Milkowski 50,336 3.64%

State Representative District 41
Jo Oldson – D – 81.8% (8,889)
David Courard-Hauri – G – 17.1% (1,857)
US House of Representatives District 5
Eliot Barron – Green – 0.7% (1,654) (9th of 9)


State Senate

Alice Knapp – District 23 – 11.77% (3rd of 3)

Fred Horch – District 24 – 17.69% (3rd of 3)

Asher Platts – District 27 – 18.63% (2nd of 3)

Owen Hill – District 28 – 26.97% (2nd of 2)

Mark Diehl – District 29 – 11.4% (3rd of 3)

State House

Michael Wakefield – District 23 – 8.1% (3rd of 3)

Andrew Reddy – District 33 – 10.3% (3rd of 3)

Samuel Chandler – District 36 – 17% (3rd of 3)

Lauren Besanko – District 39 – 27.6% (2nd of 2)

Daniel Stromgren – District 54 – 11% (3rd of 3)

Lisa Willey – District 66 – 11.2% (3rd of 3)

Randall Parr – District 95 – 5.8% (4th of 4)

Paige Brown – District 97 – 24.1% (2nd of 2)

Nathan Shea – District 102 (write-in) – 0.12% (4 votes)

Local office:

John Eder – Portland School Board – ELECTED

Jon Ault – Gardiner City Council – ELECTED

Nickie Sekera – Fryeburg Water District – ELECTED






US House of Representatives District 2

Dutch Ruppersberger – D – 61.26%  115,586
David Banach – R – 36.04%   67,995
Ian Schlakman – G – 2.70%   5,096

US House of Representatives District 6

John Delaney – D – 49.63%  89,318
Daniel Bongino – R – 48.43%  87,152
George Gluck – G – 1.95%   3,503
House of Delegates District 20
Dan Robinson – 9.1% (4th of 4)
Montgomery County Council
Tim Willard – 2.4% (9th of 9)




Danny Factor – Secretary of State – 4% (74,479)
Ian Jackson – Treasurer – 4% (82,138)
MK Merelice – Auditor – 4% (79,759)
US Senate
Gary Peters – D – 54.58%   1,693,781
Terri Lynn Land – R – 41.37%   1,283,850
Jim Fulner – L – 2.01%   62,504
Richard Matkin – US Taxpayers – 1.20%   37,155
Chris Wahmhoff – Green – 0.84%   26,040
Rick Snyder – R – 50.95%   1,598,922
Mark Schauer – D – 46.83%   1,469,375
Mary Buzuma – L – 1.13%   35,574
Mark McFarlin – US Taxpayers – 0.61%   19,177
Paul Homeniuk – Green – 0.47%   14,893
US House of Representatives
Ellis Boal –  MI-1 – 1.1% (4th of 4)
Tonya Duncan – MI-3 – 3.1% (3rd of 3)
John Lawrence – MI-6 – 1.1% (4th of 4)
Jim Casha – MI-8 – 0.8% (4th of 5)
John McDermott – MI-9 – 1.4% (4th of 4)
Harley Mikkelson – MI-10 – 1.9% (3rd of 3)
Stephen Boyle – MI-14 – 0.9% (4th of 4)
Other Statewide Races
Sherry Wells – State Board of Education – 60,453 votes (9th of 10)
Terry Link – Michigan State University Board of Trustees – 59,592 votes (8th of 11)
Adam Adrianson – Michigan State University Board of Trustees – 33,911 votes (11th of 11)
Margaret Guttshall – Wayne State University Board of Governors – 44,906 (9th of 11)
Latham Redding – Wayne State University Board of Governors – 37,089 (10th of 11)
Ian Swanson – University of Michigan Board of Regents – 57,962 (9th of 9)
Local Office:
Grand Traverse County Board District 2:
Christine Maxbauer – R – 55% (2195)
Tom Mair – G – 44.5% (1774)
Kalamazoo County Board District 2:
Stephanie Moore – D – 2708 (79%)
Sarah Molenaar – G – 722 (21%)
Presque Isle County Board District 1:
Robert Schell – D – 57.3% (172)
Wayne Vermilya – G – 42% (126)
Attorney General
Andy Dawkins – Green – 1.5% (28,755) (regains minor party status for MN Greens)
US House of Representatives (MN-8)
Rick Nolan – D – 48.54% (128,877)
Stewart Mills – R – 47.15% (125,201)
Ray Skip Sandman – G – 4.31% (11,439)
State Representative
District 7A
Jennifer Schultz – D – 62.1% (9658)
Becky Hall – R – 33.3% (5175)
Kristine Osbakken – G – 4.5% (694)
District 65A
Rena Moran – D – 71.2% (6626)
Anthony Meschke – R – 14.6% (1358)
Lena Buggs – G – 14.1% (1308)


New Jersey

US House of Representatives District 12

Steven Welzer – 885 (0.6%) (4th of 7)




New York

Governor: (99.7% of precincts reporting) (NY Greens retain ballot status, moves up from 6th to 4th ballot line)

Andrew Cuomo – Democrat – 54% (1,918,644)
Rob Astorino- Republican – 40.6% (1,442,392)
Howie Hawkins/Brian Jones – Green – 4.9% (173,510)
Michael McDermott – Libertarian – 0.44% (15,582)
Steven Cohn – Sapient – 0.1% (4,547)
Attorney General
Ramon Jimenez – 2.1% (76,676) (3rd of 4)
Theresa Portelli – 2.5% (92,898) (3rd of 4)
US House of Representatives
William Stevenson – NY-2 – 1.6%
Hank Bardel – NY-11 – 2.5%
Daniel Vila Rivera – NY-13 – 12.6%
William Edstrom – NY-15 – 1%
Matt Funiciello – NY-21 – 11.3%



Governor (OH Greens win ballot status)

John Kasich – R – 63.9% (1,922,436)
Edward FitzGerald – D – 32.9% (989,201)
Anita Rios – Green – 3.3% (99,415)
US House of Representatives
D.6 – Dennis Lambert – 5,970 (3.17%) 3rd of 3
D.12 – Bob Hart – 8,919 (4.11%) 3rd of 3
State House
D.21 – Will Johnson – 990 (3%) – 3rd of 3
D.29 – Nathan Lane – 1,189 votes (3.92%) 3rd of 3
D.64 Elaine Mastromatteo 1,645 votes (6.04%) 3rd of 3
Local Office
Common Pleas Court Judge (Franklin Co.) – Eddie Pfau – 11,574 votes (5.39%) 3rd of 3
Governor – Jason Levin – 23,718 (1.89%)
US Senate – Christina Lugo – 25,999 (2.09%) – 4th of 5
US House D.1 – Steven Reynolds – 8,382 (3.80%) 4th of 4
US House D.3 – Michael Meo – 7,826 (3.77%) – 3rd of 5
US House D.4 – Michael Beilstein – 6,226 (2.16%) – 3rd of 4
State House D.23 – Alex Polikoff – 931 (4.5%) – 3rd of 4
State House D.25 – Josh Smith – 377 (2.8%) – 3rd of 3
Corvallis City Council – Michael Beilstein – ELECTED
Benton County Circuit Court Judge – Matt Donohue – ELECTED
State Assembly D.98 – Ryan Hazel – 643 (3.85%) – 3rd of 3
State Assembly D.190 – Glenn Davis – 680 (4.16%) – 2nd of 2
South Carolina
State House D.114 – Sue Edward – 986 (15.16%)
Governor – Isa Infante – 18,507 (1.37%) – 5th of 7
US Senate – Martin Pleasant – 12,530 (0.91%) – 4th of 12
US House D.1 – Robert Smith – 9,849 (7.08%) – 3rd of 4
US House D.2 – Norris Dryer – 4,033 (2.42%) – 4th of 4
State Senate D.23 – Amy Balderrama – 9,360 (16.99%) – 2nd of 2
State House D.54 – Martin Holsinger – 1,204 (9.30%) – 2nd of 2
US Senate
Emily “Spicy Brown” Sanchez – 54,071 (1.17%) – 4th of 4
State wide offices:
Governor – Brandon Parmer – 18,369 (0.4%) – 4th of 4
Lt. Governor – Chandrakantha Courtney – 27,554 (0.6%) – 4th of 4
Attorney General – Jamar Osborne – 29,313 (0.6%) – 4th of 4
Comptroller – Deb Shafto – 44,683 (1.0%) – 4th of 4
Land Commissioner – Valerie Alessi – 59,588 (1.3%) – 4th of 4
Agriculture Commissioner – Kenneth Kendrick – 77,039 (1.7%) – 4th of 4
Railroad Commission – Martina Salinas – 92,846 (2.0%) – 4th of 4
Supreme Court 7 – Charles Waterbury – 34,235 (0.7%) – 4th of 4
Supreme Court 8 – Jim Chisolm – 343,514 (9.2%) – 3rd of 3
Court of Criminal Appeals 4 – Judith Sanders-Castro – 390,807 (10.4%) – 3rd of 3
Court of Criminal Appeals 9 – George Altgelt – 318,446 (8.6%) – 3rd of 3
US House of Representatives
D.2 Mark Roberts – 1,307 (0.87%) – 4th of 4
D.3 Paul Blair – 24,759 (18.01%) – 2nd of 2
D.13 Don Cook – 929 (0.70%) – 4th of 4
D.19 Remington Alessi – 1,298 (1.23%) – 4th of 4
D.21 Antonio Diaz – 27,782 (14.72%) – 2nd of 3
D.28 Michael Cary – 3,474 (4.57%) – 3rd of 3
D.35 kat swift – 1,293 (1.35%) – 4th of 4
D.36 Hal Ridley – 681 (0.51%) – 4th of 4
State Senate
D.10 John Tunmire – 1,094 (0.6%) – 4th of 4
D.17 David Courtney – 1,300 (0.7%) – 4th of 4
State House
D.42 Nicholas Serna – 2,104 (11.6%) – 2nd of 2
D.64 Braedon Wright – 1,055 (2.8%) -3rd of 3
D.80 Marco Buentello – 1,736 (10.4%) – 2nd of 2
D.123 Paul Ingmundson – 3,210 (13.7) – 2nd of 2
D.130 Art Browning – 3,505 (9.2%) – 2nd of 2
D.146 Morgan Bradford – 1,916 (8.1%) – 2nd of 2


County Judge – (Bexar) Paul Pipkin – 1.3%

County Clerk – (Bexar) Earl Lyons – 1.96%

County Commissioner Precinct 2 – (Bexar) Chuck Robinson – 3.82%

County Clerk – (Comal) Matthew Hanson – 10.40%

County Clerk – (Denton) Schyler Butler – 17.36%

County Judge – (Harris) David B. Collins – 16.62%

County Criminal Court No. 13 – (Harris) Clint Davidson – 1.95%

County Clerk – (Travis) William Stout – 3.13%

County Judge – (Webb) Frank Cortez – 12.5%

County Commissioner Precinct 1 – (Webb) Erika Martinez – 42.78%

County Commissioner Precinct 4 – (Webb) Luis F. Decker – 15.49%

County Treasurer – (Webb) Jesus Quiroz – 14.69%

Justice of the Peace Pct 2, Pl 1 – (Webb) William “Willie” Koehn – 19.57%

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 – (Webb) Lakshmana “Vish” Viswanath – 25.48%

US House
Joe Galdo – 1,737 (0.9%) – 4th of 4
West Virginia
US Senate
Bob Henry Baber – 5,448 (1.21%) – 4th of 5
State Senate
D.17 Jesse Johnson – 1,204 (4.1%) – 3rd of 3
State House
D.11 Mark Myers – 807 (19%) – 2nd of 2
D.23 Danny Ray Cooke – 163 (3.4%) – 3rd of 3
D.27 Karen White – 1,241 (3.9%) – 5th of 5
D.32 Tighe Bullock – 617 (1.9%) – 8th of 8
D.66 Daniel Lutz – 871 (22%) – 2nd of 2
State Treasurer
Ron Hardy – 65,709 (2.9%) – 3rd of 5
US House
D.7 Larry Dale – 3,660 (1.3%) – 3rd of 3

Green Party Watch to live blog Green 2014 election results

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p Green Party US new logoHappy Election Day! Make sure to vote, and vote Green. Countless activists have worked tirelessly to give you a real choice outside the broken two-party system, and every Green vote strengthens our movement for peace, justice, democracy and ecology.

Tune in to Green Party Watch tonight – and the Green Party US Livestream with special guest Jill Stein – for breaking Green Party election results and some Election Night camaraderie. No red state vs. blue state theater here, just timely results on how and where the Green movement is growing. See you tonight!