McKinney statement on Czech hunger strike

From Cynthia McKinney:

Dear Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar:

It is impossible for me to say strongly enough how important your efforts are in the Czech Republic to oppose deployment of U.S. so-called missile defense bases. Your leadership is being watched and is appreciated all over the world.

While in Congress I voted against every iteration of so-called missile defense–star wars–that was authorized or appropriated. I want you to know that I deeply understand the dangers that will come from a decision to accept the U.S. Star Wars radar in the Czech Republic and interceptor missiles in Poland. There is no doubt that a new cold war is underway here that could once again bring Europe back into the middle of another U.S.-Russia conflict.

Your hunger strike in Prague since May 13, and now joined by others including Bruce Gagnon in the U.S., is an important effort to bring this issue to the public consciousness. The American people have been deceived at every turn by this Bush Administration and have yet to learn of the dangers and enormous cost of this new arms race we are creating. Thank you to you and to Bruce for your courageous and determined stand.

Let me assure you that as a candidate for the U.S. Green party presidential nomination, and a former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I very well understand the importance of your citizen action to demand a national referendum in your country on this deployment issue. I also understand your desire to prevent the U.S. from establishing military bases in your country after your long history of occupation by Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union. I am touched by your desire for real democracy in your country and agree that occupation and democracy are not compatible.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once remarked that the United States was the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. Sadly, that has not changed. Please know that as I campaign, I will share your stories with those I meet as I cross our nation.

Thank you all again for your demand for peace and democracy.

Cynthia McKinney
Candidate for President of the United States
Green Party


Senate candidate biking across Nebraska

From the Nebraska Greens:

LARRICK TOURS NEBRASKA ON BIKE TRAILS . . .Friday, May 23, 2008, US Senate candidate Steve Larrick started a bike tour across the state on Nebraska Bike Trails. Leaving from the Wyoming border, he crossed northern Nebraska from Valentine to Norfolk on the Cowboy Trail to promote alternative energy and transportation, peace, and a more sustainable world. To join the last day of Larrick’s bike tour from Lincoln to Omaha on Saturday May 31, e-mail Steve at slarrick1 at msn dot com or phone 402.435.5612.


Why The Washington Post won’t cover us

Apparently it’s because they are too poor to do so. This is taken directly from their website.

Belfast, Maine: In the coming weeks there will be many days when there’s little real political news about the Republicans or Democrats to report. Any chance that one of The Post’s political staff might do a piece on what the Green Party, for example, is up to? (I’ve asked this question during six earlier Post political chats and have gotten no response, a fact I find interesting in itself.)

Paul Kane: I’ll happily answer this one, and I’ll be brutally honest. We don’t have enough resources to cover your party. it’s that simple, and if that infuriates you, I’m sorry. But that’s life. The Green Party and Nader got plenty of coverage in ’00 when, at the least, he had the chance to play a decisive role in some states. So far, there’s little indication that the Greens will have any major impact on the ’08 election. Until you can demonstrate that there is some level of support for your party, our paper isn’t going to spend precious resources reporting on whatever it is you’re doing. I’m sorry, but we’re a business, and lots of my colleagues are walking out the door under volunteer buyouts. We don’t have the resources to cover you guys.

OK gang…there it is. We can throw the election to Bush and be “responsible” for 8 years of Bush & Co. We can bring vital issues to the debate. We can elect hundreds of people across the nation to office. We can run the nation’s best known consumer rights advocate, and a former SIX TERM congresswoman with a high profile and a history of making news…and the Post can’t find the cash to cover us? Really? For real? Somehow, I think he’s lying.

Oh…if ya wanna, the entire screed can be found here.


"Mean, green, political machine"

The April/May issue of Bust Magazine (#50, page 20) features a one page profile of Cynthia McKinney by Alison Duncan. The article isn’t online (that I can find) but here are a few excerpts:

…McKinney’s goal in running for President is to secure a third seat at the public policy table. “If we’re successful, we can change the conversation and the outcome. We can do that by making the Green Party a major national party in this country,” she explains…

…McKinney plans to gain that Green seat by bringing the message and resources of her new party to communities of color. “We’re going to have to go into places we’ve never gone before in order to get a result that we’ve never had before,” she says…

…But what would America look like under a McKinney administration? “I would slash the Pentagon’s budget and invest in the needs of the American people,” the 53-year-old candidate explains. “We would have a foreign policy based on human rights. And our State Department, which would become the Department of Peace, would have as its main mission the protection and securement of American interests through an agenda of peace, rather than of war and economic exploitation.”

All in all a short but positive article about McKinney in a popular “niche” magazine.


The Road to Chicago

It is my hope, through this series of posts, to explain both the process by which the national party decides where to hold a national convention and what is happening as we prepare for the convention.

In an email one of the organizers of the convention shared some observations.

First of all, the best place to get info on the happenings in Chicago is at the convention website. I would particularly point those of us with severe limitations on our financial reserves to the page where housing options are discussed. These options include the host hotel, other nearby hotels, Hostels and local Greens willing to put out-of-towners up for a nite or two.

In addition, it was pointed out to me that the convention planners are discussing a “one day ticket” so those of us who can’t make the several day commitment for the full convention can still attend and participate.

The cost of proxies is the subject of discussion, with some believing that it is necessary to charge to cover the costs of the convention. Others think it might effect the outcome of the convention, with those attending possibly not representing the broad opinion of their state party, but only the opinion of those with enough ready cash to make the trip.

More later, but if this writer doesn’t get his fanny to work earning some of said cash, prospects of his being in Chicago are slim indeed!

Thanks for giving Green Party Watch such a solid kick-off. With Tuesday being our first “live” day we were fortunate to have at least 123 visitors, followed by at least 149 yesterday. Google analytics has higher numbers, but hey, I’m happy. Spread the word folks! We’re gainin on ‘em!


Green News Daily Roundup – Morning Edition

Over at The Champion Newspapers they are carrying a piece about Cynthia McKinney winning support in her native Georgia at the state Green Party convention back on May 3rd, securing seven of that state’s eight delegates. Kat Swift won the eight delegate.

The Park Slope Greens in NYC are encouraging their membership to attend the city convention and get set to be a delegate to the nominating convention set for July in Chicago.

Stories In The News of Ketchikan, Alaska carries an editorial about third parties, calling us “ever hopeful”.