McKinney campaign in matching funds race

First of all, full disclosure. I am a McKinney supporter who also believes that any of our four candidates would serve the party well. I expect to cover all the campaigns as the party moves closer to Chicago.

Now, on to the news.

The McKinney campaign sent out a report today which offered details of a matching funds effort. It was set up by Rich Whitney, Green Party nominee for Governor of IL, winning better than 10% on election day.

Whitney’s campaign, as all Green Party campaigns should, came to the end of the election cycle without debt. Not only that, the campaign was left with a surplus. Now Whitney is offering to match your donations to the McKinney campaign.

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  1. what an idiot…a campaign should never have money left after the race is over.

  2. Whitney received over 10% of the vote after only being on the ballot for two months. He established the Green Party in Illinois, allowing us to run dozens of candidates. This includes 14 candidates for Congress; we haven’t had a Congressional candidate since 2002. I wouldn’t exactly call that idiotic. The additional campaign cash (probably not significant) allows him to continue to promote Green candidates and his candidacy. There’s already discussion of a 2010 run building upon the foundations of 2006.

    Plus, as media coverage and interest picked up significantly at the end of the campaign, it was probably difficult to quickly and wisely use those resources.

  3. zeleni has hit the nail right on the head. We are so accustomed to the run the well dry approach that we always come to the end of the election cycle sapped in every way. If we knew beyond a doubt that every commitment made was going to be fulfilled, that every bill will be paid, that every vendor is going to feel good about our campaign, the candidate and staff are able to run whole hog and without looking over their shoulders to see if financial ruin lies in their future.

    We have a reporter, currently in Europe I believe, who will be reporting on a Congressional race which he believes will be as exciting, committed and focused, and hence as successful, as Whitney’s was.

    Maybe freeman is responding to the HUGE sums Kerry set aside for the post-election legal fight…and then left the cash on the table by giving up without even looking at what happened in Ohio.

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