Has McKinney sealed the GP nomination?

An unofficial tally of allocated delegates to the Green Party Presidential Convention is showing that Cynthia McKinney may have the nomination locked up. Here are the numbers being forwarded around by e-mail:

Total Allocated (so far) – 547
Cynthia McKinney – 274
Ralph Nader – 139
Jesse Johnson – 26
Kat Swift – 25
Kent Mesplay – 23
Howie Hawkins – 9
Elaine Brown – 8
Uncommitted – 34

These numbers are not final, there are still more delegates to come. On paper, there are 836 delegates assigned to states, territories, and caucus groups, but in reality there may be as few as 700 delegates allocated when all is said and done. 32 delegates are assigned to states and territories that have no affiliated green parties for example.

Some of the larger states that have not allocated their delegates include New York (40), Oregon (24), New Jersey (12), Ohio (12) and Texas (12).

Ronald Hardy

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