NY Greens set up therotical blog

One thing that Libertarians have in spades are websites and writers focused on libertarian theory. Since so much of what a third party proposes would fundamentally change how things are done today, it makes sense that we must think in abstract about what would be the outcome of Green Party success.

Thanks go to Rachel Treichler of NY for the heads up on the blog. The articles there are authored by Darin Robbins, and edited by Ann Link. I get the impression by looking at their Archives, there may be several folks who have contributed to the site.

Green Party Watch News Network

A network of Green activists reporting on Green Party candidates, chapters, committees and issues using Green Party Watch, social networks, radio and TV to carry news of the Green Party before the American people

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  1. Dear Gregg Jocoy,
    Thank you for posting about A Green State Of Mind. Since we are just starting out, I have been writing most of the posts, but we welcome multiple contributors. Hopefully we will be more of a group blog in the future.

    Darin Robbins

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