Tom Yager leaks to Ballot Access News

Well, maybe it’s not as dramatic as all that, but in fact, Ballot Access News(BAN) does attribute their report to Yager of VA. In the report, BAN announces that Cynthia McKinney has secured enough committed votes to win a first ballot victory in her race for the Green Party Presidential nomination.

The only “problem”, if there is one, is that simply having the committed delegates is not enough, for McKinney or any of the other candidates. Unless those delegates show up at the convention in numbers high enough, her nomination is not sewn up.

Apparently the national party has decided to charge each state for proxy votes to be cast at the national convention, and some states may face difficulties fielding their entire slate of delegates, even with proxy votes.

Green Party Watch and Green News and Opinion will report more news on this front as it comes available.

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