Senate candidate biking across Nebraska

From the Nebraska Greens:

LARRICK TOURS NEBRASKA ON BIKE TRAILS . . .Friday, May 23, 2008, US Senate candidate Steve Larrick started a bike tour across the state on Nebraska Bike Trails. Leaving from the Wyoming border, he crossed northern Nebraska from Valentine to Norfolk on the Cowboy Trail to promote alternative energy and transportation, peace, and a more sustainable world. To join the last day of Larrick’s bike tour from Lincoln to Omaha on Saturday May 31, e-mail Steve at slarrick1 at msn dot com or phone 402.435.5612.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I got to hear Steve Larrick speak at UNL when he was a candidate for the US House in 2004. He is great. Hopefully he’ll get over 5% of the vote.

  2. Unfortunately, no such luck this year. Steve Larrick is being EXCLUDED from a debate being held at UNL on Thursday, June 5th.

    The debate’s sponsor, the American Legion, is refusing to allow the Green Party candidate to participate in a debate at a public university.

    Between now and Thursday, call the American Legion at 402-464-6338 and tell them that all candidates for the Senate seat should be included in the debate.

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