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Almost all of what you read here is about Greens. Very occasionally we go into “small g” green subjects, but they are few and far between, in large part because there are so many green sites, and so few Green sites.

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What’s going on in Florida?

According to TCPalms.com, Kristine Wright, a 20 year old Port St. Lucie woman, has announced plans to run for the 81st state House district seat as a Green.

According to another article, this one at TampaBay.com says that a “mystery Green” filed to run for a house seat in the 44th district. The candidate, Sarah Roman, may not be well known to the Green Party in her state. I will attempt to reach someone from Florida to see if they can shed any light on the situation. This article, also at TampaBay.com says that the Democratic Party is targeting this race, and some seem to believe that Roman is somehow being used by the Republicans, but then again, Democrats have been saying forever that we Greens are being used by Republicans, all proof to the opposite aside.


New Brooms for all!

The New Broom Coalition draws it’s name from a quote “New brooms sweep clean”, which means that new members of Congress will clean up the mess in Washington DC. Started by California Green Carol Wolman who is herself running for Congress from the 1st Congressional District, includes Greens, Democrats and Independents like Cindy Sheehan.

Part of the beauty of this effort is that, just like Green Party Watch and New Menu, none of the people involved in the New Broom Coalition asked for permission to grow their campaigns and the Green Party. Instead, they took Personal Responsibility to heart and got things done.


Illinois Greens set a blazing pace

All one needs do is take a look at the dozens of Greens running all across Illinois to understand just how valuable a seriously run Gubernatorial campaign can be. Not only did Rich Whitney’s campaign for Governor bring in enough votes to secure a place on the ballot without ongoing petitioning, but it was so successful that it helped bring those dozens of Greens to the table to lead the charge this fall for change in Illinois.

One of these candidates is Jason Wallace of Normal IL, who has announced that he plans to run his race with a planned maximum of $10,000 to spend in his race. The 25 year old Wallace has set up a page at his site which includes links to several newspaper stories about his campaign, which can be found by clicking here. Take a look at Jason’s New Menu site and you’ll see the legacy of Whitney’s campaign. You’ll see a list of candidates as long as your arm on the left hand side of the page.

Vote For Jason Wallace

The Peoria Evening Star reports on the Green Party’s campaigns, and repeats the mantra that Greens and independents face almost insurmountable odds. Might seem like a normal thing to say, but in truth, even when the Democrats or Republicans are in a race they know they can’t win, the media almost never calls it a “long shot”. Those sorts of statements have the effect of making us seem like losers before the first ballot is cast or the first debate held.

Of course, the Democrats can’t be expected to just campaign for votes, not if there is some way to get competition kicked off the ballot, and yes indeed, that’s exactly what the Democrats did. In this article at the Herald Review, details of Democratic Party efforts to remove four Greens from their congressional races in November. Scott Summers, a Congressional candidate from Illinois’ 16th District, served as the ILGP’s attorney. I have a call into his campaign in hopes of finding out if there are any changes in that case.


Greens in Arkansas have shot at State House seat

Richard Carroll may be the first Green elected to Arkansas’ state House. So says a leader of that state’s Democratic Party. Seems that the Democratic nominee for a north Little Rock seat has a conviction for misdemeanor harassment after pleading guilty to same after being accused of improper behavior by a seventeen year old girl. In this article the Morning News reports that House Majority Leader Rep. Steve Harrelson, D-Texarkana believes that this could be the ticket to electing the state’s first Green.

In fact, this piece at Arkansas News Bureau indicates that state legislators may refuse to seat Democrat Dwayne Dobbins in the event he wins the race come November.

In an interesting side note, Jay Parks of Cottage Home Grown points out that Greens in Indianapolis, Indiana may have a similar opportunity, as District 15 Council woman Doris Minton-McNeill now faces two misdemeanor charges, including assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.


Getting noticed in a good way

What does your local Green Party do to get in the news? Well, in San Francisco they held a Green Party Presidential Debate back in 2007. The Poudre Valley Green Party in Colorado will be holding their second annual Red, White, Blue and Green Party on the Fourth of July in Fort Collins. The York County (SC) Greens have sponsored showings of the film The Story of Stuff at local libraries. Over in Lakewood, Colorado local Greens are taking on invasive non-native plants in a half day event at Bear Creek Lake Park, earning them some coverage, and solid links with other environmental groups in their area.

Many groups have websites. Many have local radio and cable access TV shows. Many submit letters to the editor and columns regularly to local papers in hopes of reaching new voters. What have you found to be effective? Share your successes with your fellow Greens by adding a comment below.


EcoAction Committee Focuses on Water

In a resolution intended to focus attention on the national and international issues surrounding water, the EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the United States has raised the concerns of Greens and provided a template for further internal discussion, public education and candidate consideration. In the context of global warming’s impact on water supplies and international efforts to privatize water, the EcoAction saw the need for a defining strategy for Greens in moving together and building unity for this concern that impacts on everyone.

The Committee intends to have states consider the language of the proposal and provide input on the langauge prior to introducing it before the National Committee for approval. During this time states can add language that will be based on their own particular understandings and consider the steps they can take locally and within their states to provide leadership on this issue.

The proposal states:

“The EcoAction Committee considers the importance of the water resource a critical priority in this election year and every year after. The Green Party advocates for the future well-being of generations to come by actively working to implement the necessary legislation, electing the committed candidates and establishing the required administrative and political measures in every state. We actively work in accordance with our Key Values to make the changes needed to empower the people to make the decisions regarding the water resource that impact on their daily lives.

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Would Apes Vote Green? Would Democrats let Nader on the Illinois Ballot without a challenge?

Bits found around here and there:

According to the Providence Journal Bulletin (June 26: “most incumbents to seek re-election”), the Green Party is running Jeffrey Johnson against U.S. House of Representative Democrat James Langevin in the Second CD.

At Ballot Access News, interesting discussion in the comments following the story about the UK Green Party out polling the British Labour Party in a House of Commons Special Election.

The Albuquerque Journal reports on June 25 that New Mexico Green Rick Lass submitted over 3,000 signatures to get on the ballot for a seat on the Public Regulation Commission:

“For too long, these big corporations have been given a free ride by the commission,” Lass said in a news release. “I will be an unwavering advocate for ratepayers, small businesses and our local economies.”

Ralph Nader’s campaign has filed 50,000 signatures to get him on the ballot in Illinois, one of the most difficult states to both get on the ballot and stave off ballot challenges from Democrats.

And finally, the Catholic News Agency is going after the Green Party and Socialists in Spain for supporting the “Great Ape Project”, which the article states will grant Great Apes rights equal to humans. Don’t worry, I’m sure the chimps won’t be given a right to vote. (But if they could… )


Letter to the Editor: Arkansas Green Party

Another Green Letter to the Editor, this one June 26 in the ironically named Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

Give newcomers a try

Do you think gas and food are too high? Want to fix things? Well, signing your name on a banner is not going to do a thing. Not buying gas on Tuesday or wearing a purple shirt on Saturday won’t get it done, either.
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Green Party of Virginia ballot access drive

From the GPUS Ballot Access Committee:

Take action now! Let’s win one more state for the Green Party this month! The Green Party of Virginia has completed over half of its signature requirement. Donate at gp.org/commitees/ballot/ to put Virginia over the top! We need 18 more donations of $100 during June to completely fund the GPVA’s drive and move us onto the next state in our quest for maximum ballot access in 2008.

Is your state safely on the ballot for 2008? We still need your help fund raising, phone calling, and traveling to neighbor states to collect signatures. Volunteer at gp.org/commitees/ballot/

Do you have a MySpace or Facebook account? Copy and paste this message as a comment, bulletin, or message and SPREAD THE WORD!

The Virginia Drive adds to the growing list of states that the Green Party Presidential candidate may appear on in November. I’m not sure if this is up to date, but going by that information that indicates the Greens already have ballot access in 23 states, and Virginia and New Jersey join 8 other states with active campaigns, which would bring the number up to 33. There could be more to come?