Iowa Green Party delegates and petitioning

The Iowa Green Party State Convention was held May 17 in Iowa City, IA.

One of the main orders of business was the allocation of Iowa’s delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention. The final allocation was:

McKinney 3
Swift 2
Johnson 1
Mesplay 1
Uncommitted 1

Delegates and alternates were selected, and plans to begin petitioning to place the Green Party candidate on the Iowa Ballot began immediately.

The Iowa Green Party needs 1,500 signatures from at least 10 different counties. For petitioning, the IGP will be listing Cynthia McKinney as the Presidential candidate and Wendy Barth (IA) as a place holder for the Vice President slot until the actual candidates have been determined at the Chicago Convention in July.

Petitioning began May 20.

Ronald Hardy

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