Letter to the editor – Environmentalism a secular cause

I love the “Letters to the Editor” section of any newspaper. I seem to recall there being a campaign to get Green “Letters” out there in the media in full force this summer since the media doesn’t have the funds to cover third parties.

This one comes from a Green candidate for Congress in the Las Vegas Review-Journal (May 30, 2008):

To the editor:

In his ludicrous Sunday Viewpoints commentary, “The Church of Green,” Jonah Goldberg attempts to qualify environmentalists as religious zealots. I am familiar with scientific protocol, and when the great majority of the world scientific community agrees that global warming is being aided by our production of CO2, we should take heed. There is no guilt or moral bullying in this statement, just the scientific truth. A fear should be aroused, but that is a consequence of the truth.

Here on Earth, we are dealing with a finite amount of resources, and we must try to ration the remaining resources for the good of all living things.

The question on paper vs. plastic bags at food markets excludes the sensible solution: reusable canvas or cloth bags.

I don’t know of any environmentalist who subscribes to our government’s ethanol farce. We know that this process uses one gallon of petroleum to produce one gallon of ethanol, takes away food from the marketplace, etc., and that the bill was passed to subsidize agribusiness.

Mr. Goldberg’s most ridiculous statement, that our country is “ecologically healthy,” shows his lack of knowledge regarding our ecological health. Does he know of the mountaintop removal for coal mining in the Appalachians, the increase of cancer and asthma surrounding refineries and chemical plants, the influx of polluting heavy metals into our rivers and streams, the hundreds of Superfund sites that have not been addressed?

The environmental movement is based on scientific knowledge, what we visually see and measure around the world, and logic. It is secular, not religious zeal.

Bob Giaquinta

Las Vegas

The writer is treasurer of the Nevada Green Party and a candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Ronald Hardy


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