NM and NYC results are in

According to messages posted to a Cynthia McKinney supporter’s email list, results of polling in both New Mexico and New York City are now in hand.

According to Rick Lass, New Mexico Greens got 11 of 17 votes cast, with kat swift, Kent Mesplay and Jesse Johnson securing one each. Four voted “none of the above”.

According to Colby Hamilton, the votes counted in NYC will bring McKinney 9 more delegates, Mesplay 1 and Johnson won 2.

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  1. The delegates from Minnesota have also been assigned. McKinney got 11 delegates, and No Candidate got one.

  2. From Ohio, there will be seven delegate votes for McKinney, three for Nader, and one each for Johnson and None of the Above. Ohio’s delegate votes are bound for the first round.

  3. Thanks for these updates! I’m still trying to find out how Montana voted, their convention was a few weeks ago. Anyone from Montana out there?

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