Indiana votes McKinney. Mesplay

This report was sent to the Presidential Campaign Support Committee by Jay Parks of Indiana.

In Indiana we had divided our delegates amongst our 6 local caucuses and allowed the locals to decide how to chose their presidential preference and how to instruct their delegates for voting at the convention. Here are the results divided among local chapters. There is no party registration or primary in Indiana, and locals did not report their vote totals to the state party, so we don’t have numbers.

Duneland Greens (Northwestern Indiana/Lake Michigan area) 1 delegate Cynthia McKinney
Marion County Green Party (Indianapolis) 2 delegates for Cynthia McKinney
St. Joe Valley Greens (South Bend) 2 delegates for Cynthia McKinney
Vigo County Green Party (Terre Haute) 1 delegate Cynthia McKinney
Village Greens of Southeastern Indiana 1 delegate split ∏ for Cynthia McKinney and ∏ for Kent Mesplay
Unaffiliated Caucus (All Greens with no local) 1 delegate Cynthia McKinney

All locals chose to bind their delegate for the first round, releasing them for all subsequent rounds. St. Joe Valley Greens plan to have a large presence at the convention, and to caucus amongst themselves should there be more than one round of voting.

Indiana is proudly sending 8 delegates to the 2008 convention, as well as a delegate on behalf of the Lavender Caucus and National Committee members. Indiana’s Jim Coplen will retire from his term on the Steering Committee and will begin a membership drive in Indiana as we work for our next shot at statewide ballot access in 2010.

Jay Parks
Member, PCSC
Secretary, Indiana Green Party

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