Green Party of Michigan State Convention

The Green Party of Michigan‘s State Convention will be held July 26-27 at the Franke Center for the Arts, 214 East Mansion Street, in Marshall, MI.

Among the candidates to be nominated at the convention
will be 17 electors pledged to vote for the Presidential
ticket of the Green Party of the United States. GPUS
will nominate candidates for President and Vice President
at its convention July 10-13 in Chicago.

GPMI will have 24 votes at the GPUS convention. In a
statewide membership poll this spring, former Georgia
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney got 64% of first-place
votes and earned 13 of 19 statewide delegate votes for
the first ballot. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader —
the 1996 and 2000 Green Presidential candidate, but
running as an independent this year as he did in 2004 —
finished second with 17% of the vote and three delegates.

Kent Mesplay of California and Kat Swift of Texas each
also earned one delegate; one vote in the delegation
will go to the convention uncommitted.

Five GPMI locals — Detroit Greens, Flint Greens, Huron
Valley Greens, Traverse Bay Watershed Greens, and Van
Buren County Greens — qualified to select and bind
one delegate each.

Thanks to Lou Novak for the information.

Ronald Hardy


  1. umm – I assume you mean JUNE 26-27? It’d be a bit late to choose delegates for the convention two weeks after it occurs, unless Michigan Greens have somehow perfected time travel, in which case – I’m moving to Ann Arbor!

  2. No, July 26-27. They’ve already selected delegates to Chicago. What they are doing here is selecting *electors* for the Electoral College. The state needs to submit 1 elector per congressional district and two at large. Wisconsin has to do the same.

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