Green Party of Virginia ballot access drive

From the GPUS Ballot Access Committee:

Take action now! Let’s win one more state for the Green Party this month! The Green Party of Virginia has completed over half of its signature requirement. Donate at gp.org/commitees/ballot/ to put Virginia over the top! We need 18 more donations of $100 during June to completely fund the GPVA’s drive and move us onto the next state in our quest for maximum ballot access in 2008.

Is your state safely on the ballot for 2008? We still need your help fund raising, phone calling, and traveling to neighbor states to collect signatures. Volunteer at gp.org/commitees/ballot/

Do you have a MySpace or Facebook account? Copy and paste this message as a comment, bulletin, or message and SPREAD THE WORD!

The Virginia Drive adds to the growing list of states that the Green Party Presidential candidate may appear on in November. I’m not sure if this is up to date, but going by that information that indicates the Greens already have ballot access in 23 states, and Virginia and New Jersey join 8 other states with active campaigns, which would bring the number up to 33. There could be more to come?

Ronald Hardy


  1. While this is progress, it is essential that we get in the 40 state range in order to be competitive and do well. States with onerous ballot access laws like Indiana, Texas, and Kansas (?) and will probably not be successful. We can still try though (for those states whose deadlines have not passed)

  2. Well it looks like you aren’t alone in that thought.

    The page referred to above:
    was updated in the last 24 hours to indicate that 23 states have ballot access now, drives are underway in an additional 25 states (rather than 10) which would put the Green Party on the ballot in every state except Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and North Carolina.

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