Blogging from GPUS Convention

I have been informed by GPUS National Committee members on site in Chicago that there is no internet or cell phone reception at the venue for the GPUS convention.  So I’m guessing the blogging here will be intermittent.  I will attempt to post things from afar as I see news items appear in various places, until such time as Gregg or Ron can start uploading news to Green Party Watch….



  1. There is wifi at the convention if you are willing to pay for it. There is also free wifi at the conrner bakery on the corner or Monroe and Wabash.

    Cell phone reception does bite on the 7th floor – hopefully it’ll be better in the hall on Saturday.

  2. I haven’t heard anything yet. I get regular updates from varrious news sources all day about the convention. I”ll be sure to post if I see anything! Thnaks.

  3. I haven’t heard any rumors – I think Kent, Jesse and Kat are all going to be pretty realistic about their chances – the only drama will be whether McKinney gets to 419 on the first ballot, which will probably hinge on delegate turnout on Saturday, proxies, etc.

    I did see Jesse what looked to be a very cordial chat with Cynthia and Rosa at an event last night.

  4. Incredible incompetence again from Scott McClarty, the Green Party Press Secretary for Life.

    This is the same cluster **** that McClarty created in 2007 at the Green National Meeting.

    Like all other greens McClarty is volunteer labor.

    You get what you pay for…

    It is absolutely time for new blood in the Green Party…especially as press secretary.

    McClarty’s poor performance would not be tolerated in any other organization.

  5. Please, keep us posted!

    The convention apparently isn’t being aired on C-Span.

  6. Third Party Watch is not an accurate source of information about the Green Party. Drew Pritt appears to be similarly credible.

  7. Hi Anderson:

    Could you be more specific and give examples of the “incompetency” of which you accuse Scott McLarty?

    I’ve been getting about a dozen updates a day from various news sources around the country for two days now – as a result of the press that has gone out from the GPUS, so I’m confused as to what you refer to as “incompetency”.


  8. I’d like to see some Green Party “unity” come out of here. Bashing individuals is definitely a step in the “Right Wing” direction.

    By the way, I’m at the coffee shop wireless and will be reporting regularly now.


  9. Brian, is that true? Bugger! I’ve been checking the tv schedule on cspan’s website for the last few days and it’s been difficult to get any sense of their coverage since the schedule often doesn’t seem to be updated until the day a given program is supposed to air. But thus far, I’ve seen no listing for today or this weekend of any coverage of the convention either. I know little about cspan, but it seems a bit fishy to me that they’d give some coverage to the libertarians and none to our convention. With 3 main channels, how hard is it at least to allot 2 hours tonite for the presidential forum, and 2 or 3 hours for the roll call vote and presidential/veep acceptance speeches tomorrow?! The only reason I could understand is if this lack of wifi makes it impossible for them to broadcast, but then again, why couldn’t they do it via satellite or something? Grrr…

  10. C-SPAN will likely be covering the candidate forum tonight (7 pm Chicago time) and the Saturday stuff where we nominate the Prez. Right now they won’t likely cover the workshops or NC meeting.

    I’m posting a short update from the NC meeting in a few minutes.

    By the way, the canvas bags given to delegates (the “goodie bag”) has a large green C-SPAN logo on one side with “Campaign 2008 – We take you there” and the GP stuff on the other side.

  11. Thanks Ronald. That does sound like a good sign. I hope you’re right. :)

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