Corporate media catches up

As the Green Party convention moves forward, news from the corporate media is beginning to come in. To find the links just click the “Read more” link.

This ons is from the Atlanta Journal/Constitution.

McKinney- “We are in this to build a movement,” said McKinney to roars from the crowd. “A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the movement that will turn this country right-side-up again.”

from Reuters.

Proposed platform-“Green parties are the first parties to recognize that our role in the world is stewardship of Earth’s natural resources rather than domination and unrestrained consumption of the goods of the Earth,”

Fox News did a report on the McKinney nomination.

CNN covered the nomination.

Scott McClarty, party spokesperson-“Every vote that she gets helps the Green Party. The United States needs an alternative party. The narrow two-party system we have right now has not served us very well.”

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