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  1. We, as Greens, need to do anything we can to get into the debates. We need to be included in as many polls as possible. We need a media surge like never before. There is no way to break through in a larger forum unless we get recognized as “legitimate” by the 2 majority parties. We need to flood the mainstream media with our message. We need to annoy the hell out of the established parties until they cannot ignore us. There should not be any fear of what “they” will call us. We need to have a chance to communicate to more people in this country. Unfortunately that takes a 15% polling figure, and unfortunately we don’t even get into many of the major polls. So we need to get into contact with Rasmussen reports, Pew, NYTimes/CBS, Gallup, Newsweek, Research 2000, Quinnipiac, Zogby, and any others that conduct consistent polling to be sure the Green Party is included in their polls (not mushed together with “Other” or “neither party” or “Third Party”.)

    That should be the first step. Then from there we should worry about the fight to get into the debates. This is going to be a multi-election battle for us, and many of us will decide its too overwhelming to continue. I, for one, will not be one of those ending my personal battle to be heard in the political arena. Nobody has the right to EXCLUDE a vital, and reasonable argument from the national debate simply because an arbitrary polling percentage has not been met for the controlling parties. We need to hound the press with the fact that the 2 major parties were at one time small (or insignificant). We need to show the United States we mean business.

  2. John Randall, “We, as Greens…” ARE SCREWED. Get out of the Nile River. The more you struggle the tighter it gets. Deal with it.

  3. Those photos are great! It’s wonderful to see all 3 former candidates and Curry standing right next to Cynthia and Rosa! Question: is anyone planning to upload the full video/audio of friday’s presidential forum? I know it’s somewhat academic now, but I’d really love to see/hear it since it’s only the third forum/debate where all 3 participated (one of which was only on an internet radio station).

  4. Milnes, please go moan about your Libertarian Party. We are plenty capable of self criticism and don’t need your help.

  5. Friday’s forum and more will be uploaded as the week progresses. Personally, I’m trying to meet some deadlines but hope to have some videos posted at some point soon. There were others taping, Ian Wilder for example who’s eager to bust loose with those videos. Come on Ian – bust a move!

  6. I started to comment to say: “Wow! Thanks Green Party Watch, those photos are awesome.” I love the one with Cynthia and Rosa arm and arm. That should go everywhere.

    But, Babette, thanks for the shout out. Ian and I got out shorts takes from Cynthia and Rosa’s acceptance. We just got back from Chicago now (Monday night/Tuesday morning), so videos will come. We are excited about some workshops and original content that no one else has.

  7. step aside, the Libertarian party is screwed too. If they (GP & LP) had worked together their tickets could win & they could sweep the elections with an inclusive plurality. But no. It’s politics as usual. GP & LP 1%. Nader 2%. That’s my prediction. What a bunch of TPL’s. (Third Party Losers). Americans do not vote for losers. Even losers don’t vote for losers. Purely by extrapolation it is obvious that most greens & libertarians (note small g & l) do not vote GP & LP. They wind up voting dem or rep. Play that tape in reverse & see the mistake. It was made at their conventions.

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