Video: Omar Lopez Keynote at Chicago Convention

Huge thank yous to Kim Wilder for putting these videos together!

From the video description: Omar López has a bio that includes being a founder of the Mexican Teachers Organization in 1973; being a principal leader and convenor of the March 10 and May 1 2006 historic mega-marches in defense of undocumented immigrant workers; and being the director of C.A.L.O.R. which provides services to Latinos affected by HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Omar López is running for the House of Representatives in Illinois, 4th District. http://www.omarlopez2008.org. This is one of the key note speeches from the 2008 Green Party Presidential Convention in Chicago. More coverage of the Green Party of the United States Annual Meeting and Presidential Convention can be found at http://www.onthewilderside.net. Videographer: Ian Wilder. Editors: Kimberly Wilder and Ian Wilder.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Great job on website boys.

    How about some daily profiles of the various Green Party candidates running for Congress, Senate, state and local office..

    Thank you,


  2. Gail “for Rail” Parker, U.S. Senate candidate for the Indy Greens of Virginia, has written an article about how impressed she was at the convention by Rebekah Kennedy of Arkansas.

    It is disappointing with 33 U.S. Senate seats up for election, only 7 Greens (including Mrs. Parker), have enough gumption to get on the ballot.

    More greens should get on the ballot and in the debate.

    Especially for U.S. Senate

  3. We would love to post more about Green Party candidates across the nation. I must, however, point out that Parker is the nominee of a party not associated with the Green Party of the United States, but with a Virginia based party which uses the name “Green Independent Party” and that party is associated with the Independence Party.

    In short, saying you are a Green candidate doesn’t make you one. Parker is not a member of a state chapter of the GPUS.

    Independence Party Watch may be available. If so I would think that growing a site like that might be a better way of promoting your party and candidates.

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