3 more states meet McKinney matching fund goal

In the last two weeks, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia have passed the 5K threshold. In Wisconsin volunteers raised over $3,000 in 3 days.

In order to qualify for Federal Matching Funds, a candidate must raise over $5,000 in each of 20 states, in contributions of no more than $250 per individual.

McKinney now has 10 states in the bag:California, District of Columbia, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Phone banking is underway to get 10 more states past the 5K mark. The target states are: New Jersey ($4.7K), Maine ($4.3K), Florida ($3.9K), Arizona ($3.4K), Maryland ($2.2K), Massachusetts ($2.1K), Colorado (1.3K), Iowa ($1.2K), Pennsylvania ($1.1K), Connecticut ($1K), Oklahoma ($1K).

If you live in any of the above 11 states, please donate $250 to the McKinney Power to the People campaign here.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Please keep us posted on this, so that if it does look like we’ll make it in 20 states, those of us in the states that already made it to $5K can max out our $250 donations to be matched!

  2. Would someone please clarify, does DC count toward the 20 state goal? I know we consider it a state-equivalent unit, but does the FEC? That’s the cause of confusion when your party is years ahead of federal (or even state) regulatory institutions in terms of how it defines and measures these sorts of things.

  3. Oh and it’s pathetic that Jersey has been stuck in the mid $4-5K range for months, w/it’s proximity to NY and PA it should’ve been over the hump weeks ago and there’s no reason w/a bit more effort it can’t get there. That basically applies at least to Maine too.

  4. What it takes is a little effort from someone in a state to push hard for people to donate to the campaign. You have to ask for the money to get it.

    When we finally asked people to donate in Wisconsin with a 72 hour deadline over 2 dozen people stepped up and came up with over $3,000.

    Someone has to do the asking.

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