Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowaifza-Curry

Or as she is more often known as, SKCM Curry was named as Campaign Manager for the McKinney-Clemente Power to the People campaign. Curry had been actively seeking the Vice Presidential nomination, but seems quite content working in this role with the campaign.

There is a great post about Curry on the Wilderside that goes into great depth into her background and strength as an organizer. They got a video up as well, but just to be, well, “different”, I’ll embed here a year old video by the Wilders when Curry spoke to the GPUS at the Annual National Convention in Reading PA:

Ronald Hardy


  1. So I don’t know where to put this exactly, but this seems as good a place as any. The following is from a post I made on the McKinney campaign’s YT page (which really needs to be updated btw).

    So I’ve got the makings of a McKinney cabinet. First we need to get rid of several cabinet level positions (don’t worry this isn’t a libertarian idea, you’ll see). Those would be National Drug Control Policy Director, Dept of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence (why do we need all this intelligence/security bureaucracy when it loses trillions of dollars anyway?!), Commissioner of Social Security, Director of Office of Management and Budget, Dept of Veterans affairs and US Trade Rep.

    Instead we can have a streamlined, more progressive govt and cabinet. New White House Chief of Staff and HUD Secretary (so this also become a Dept, not an agency) SKCM Curry, the EPA can become the new Dept of Environment (which can also administer most public land and parks and energy policy), under Dr Kent Mesplay. This will ensure we have a clean, renewable and economical energy policy for the 21st century and beyond. Agriculture and Rural Affairs (under one Dept) can go to Jesse Johnson, the new Dept of Human Services (including Social Security and Women’s Affairs) can be run by Kat Swift. Sec of Peace (to replace Dept of State) under Dennis Kucinich, Attorney General Ralph Nader (who’ll probably abolish the FBI) and Sec of Defense Cindy Sheehan.

    That leaves a whole slew of openings, namely Labor, Education, Transportation, Health (now separated from Human Services, but administering Medicare and Medicaid), Commerce (including US Trade Rep), Interior (which would probably handle domestic security) and Treasury (which may take on many of the functions of the newly nationalized Federal Reserve). Finally, I’d suggest putting energy under the Dept of the Environment. Any thoughts? Suggestions for the vacancies are more than welcome. :)

  2. I think this is a very bad move. I’m sorry. I love SKCM Curry, she’d make an awesome candidate, but I don’t think she has the background to run a national campaign. We need to be more “Realpolitik ” here especially with staffing (yes we can stick to our principles and run really really smart campaigns). And SKCM Curry just does not scream “Realpolitik”

  3. Hmm, yea, I used the wrong word I think hehe. What I meant, was that we needed a person that is a little like Karl Rove or James Carville, you know without the slimeball tactics or corporate policies. I think I am speaking to ability to handle day-to-day operations very vigorously and has a keen ability to pick out opportunities.

    Who knows, maybe SKCM Curry is all these things. I actually don’t know her that well; I’ll give her a chance.

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