Cynthia McKinney’s press breakout

Kim Wilder has a fantastic post On the Wilderside called “Cynthia McKinney’s everywhere!” – that notes 17 stories that mention Cynthia McKinney, all in one day!

With her permission, I am cross-posting it here:

17 Stories (I think all from yesterday, really) that mention and/or praise Cynthia McKinney. And, these are just a sampling.

In no particular order…

1. First, the most amusing blog hit on the list. It is a recommended list of what a good protester needs in her back-pack: here.

(The first thing on this list is an “‘Elect Cynthia McKinney’ sign printed on the back of a recycled ‘Elect John Kerry’ sign.)

2. Polling numbers (at 2% and 3%), brought to you by Green Party Watch: here.

3. For our greenie-Greens and our environmentalist colleagues: Cynthia praised for being the best on off-shore drilling (opposing it the strongest): An About dot Com piece of all things: here.

4. Post from a liberal with a difference-of-opinion on who to vote for, but a funny post none the less. (And, you know, doesn’t matter if they say something good or bad, as long as they get you in the paper and spell your name right!): here.

5. A Cynthia McKinney mention on the blog which had been set up as a Robert F Kennedy for President blog:here.

6. Had to mention all the many posts of Cynthia’s Hijacking America message. The winner for best title for one of these posts goes to the Uniffors Blog: “Former Democrat unmasks her former party”. By-line created over at the blog Uniffors – Life in Gloria’s Enchanted Kingdom.

7. A quasi-endorsement and profound thoughts over at the blog “Diary of a Bad Housewife”. The author seems to be one of the disappointed Hillary supporters, deciding what to do next. With the inspiration of Dolores Huerta–her speech about Hillary and her history of struggle–the author will stick to politics and consider support for Cynthia McKinney…

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Post title: Lessons From Chavez and Huerta

I am familiar with Obama’s voting record and as I’ve said before, it is very similar to Hillary’s. While it is possible that he may turn out to be the best choice, I did use my anger constructively and I began to look outside the two major parties. I am currently researching Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party’s presidential candidate who also looks like a good candidate. I’m not ready to say how I’ll vote yet, but I am ready to move on, re-group, and move forward.

8. From the blog Upset The Setup. Blog post “Off the Table”, a suggestion on various, effective ways to vote…with the first choice being for Cynthia McKinney: here.

9. The Blog, Out-Loud Brainwaves gets the award for best quote of the week. In the post “‘Voila! Problem Solved’: McCain Advisor Defines EVERYONE As Insured”, the author writes:

On the political spectrum, I fall somewhere between Cynthia McKinney and Che Guevara.

10. The blog search also showed Cynthia McKinney coming up in more than one Forum post. Want a place to talk about Cynthia’s right to be in the debates? Look at this message board: here.

11. The Chronicle of Higher Education has a great piece that mentions Cynthia: here The piece reflects on the college students’ participation in Denver – what the students learned from observing inside and/or outside the Democratic National Convention. Includes a Cynthia McKinney for President mention.

12. I was confused about if Cynthia was at the Nader-sponsored Open the Debates Rally in Denver. From what I gather, Cynthia sent along a taped message. Pretty cool that the alternative candidates can support each other. Cynthia was listed in a few pieces of coverage of the Open the Debates Rally. One good one is here. Protest Rally for Nader Draws 4,000/ Open the Debates. By Mary Silver. Epoch Times Staff Aug 28, 2008.

13. Reflections on demonstrators in the streets of Denver, how they were treated by police, and various issues. A brief mention of Cynthia McKinney, which I like, because it puts her at the scene of the people who matter to us – people demanding peace and marching in the streets. Full story here. It is from the blog “Undernews” by Sam Smith. I am confused about if Sam Smith or someone else wrote the story. But, it is a well-done story.

14. From Radical Blogs The piece is: “Marching Through Denver: Fighting for an End to War, Torture, and Government RepressionDetials of March to Pepsi Center on Sunday, Aug 24th” The title says it all. Another Cynthia McKinney mention. And, in really good company:

…Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran and author “Born on the fourth of July,” Cindy Sheehan, Peace Mom and Congressional Candidate in San Francisco, Cynthia Mckinney, Green Party Presidential Candidate, Fred Hampton, Jr., son of the former Black Panther, Larry Holmes, Troops Out Now Coalition, and were roused by the music of Dead Prez.

15. From a blog “Election 2008″, a great line about Cynthia’s past performance.

The Rise of Third Parties

Libertarians, the Green Party, and famous Independents are the largest parties outside of the major two. This is is gaining increased media attention for theses candidates. Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, has appeared on The Colbert Report. Also via comedian Jillette Penn of Penn and Teller on Glenn Beck Headline News(Dec 16). Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party Candidate, Is mostly found in congressional record, where she sponsored the MLK Records Act, and The Tupac Shakur Records Act.

16. People are still talking about that “historical moment” Rosa Clemente pointed out at the Green Party convention. A very fun, feminist blog points out the historic nature of a woman-of-color ticket: Think Girl. The blog heading is: “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” – bell hooks

17. About the rally: here.

Related: Thoughts on how and why to support Cynthia’s excellent showing…


NZ Greens push for open WiFi and no more software patents

Posted on Green Ferret, there is relevance here for the Greens in the US. Democrats are notoriously weak on these issues, and Greens obviously benefit from online networking and information dissemination since the mainstream media has shut us out.

One of the political parties of New Zealand, namely the Green Party, is pushing for bold plans for New Zealand’s technological future. The policy would exclude software from the patent process and investigate the possibility of a free municipally owned wireless network. Can you digg it?
With the corporate media refusing to give Greens more than token amounts of airtime, the Green Party needs to take advantage of alternative ways to spread its message, especially the internet. By submitting stories to Digg about Green stances on technology and civil liberties, Greens can gain the support of the freedom-loving web users who helped light a fire under Howard Dean and Ron Paul’s campaigns.

Now that Barack Obama’s running mate is Joe Biden, who is notorious on the web for his efforts to crack down on internet freedom, Greens could make real headway by publicizing McKinney/Clemente’s platform on technology and civil liberties issues. Perhaps one of the writers at Green Party Watch could prepare a statement for the McKinney campaign…


The Green Patriot

Cynthia McKinney wrote recently that we are patriots, and I agree.

The York County (SC) Greens have, for the past couple of years, been allowed to submit a monthly column for YC magazine. YC Magazine is locally produced and distributed. They include columns by the Greens, Libertarians, Democrats and Republicans. The column below was written at the height of the recent Israel-Lebanon war.

The Green Patriot

“I can’t support the Green Party because the Green Party is pacifist.” When I saw those words I knew I had done a poor job of explaining.

It is essential that we develop effective alternatives to society’s current patterns of violence. We will work to demilitarize, and eliminate weapons of mass destruction, without being naive about the intentions of other governments. We recognize the need for self-defense and the defense of others who are in helpless situations. We promote non-violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and will guide our actions toward lasting personal, community and global peace.

The paragraph above is not mine. It is taken entirely from the party’s Ten Key Values. As you can see, the Green Party is not a pacifist party, but is a party which promotes non-violence. This may be a difference without a distinction for some, but for most Greens it is critical. Just as we would fight to protect our children and families, we understand fighting to protect our nation. As with every party, many Greens are veterans. Those of us who are not veterans give special attention to the words of those who have served not because we think they smarter than the rest of us, but because they have more first hand knowledge than Greens who have not served in the military.

How then are we Greens to respond in what we are told is a “time of war?” We should, and do, respond as patriots. Continue Reading


You know you watched it…

…at least on YouTube, if not on TiVo. Yes, the Obama acceptance speech.

I just watched it on slight tape delay with the DVR and this is “One Green’s Thoughts” on it. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Music selection

I believe there is a saboteur in the Obama camp, and it is whomever was in charge of music selection.

First, in a poke at the Cynthia McKinney Power to the People campaign, they played “Power to the People” to introduce…Dick Durbin? WTF?

But the proof of conspiracy lays at the feet of closing Obama’s speech with the country western Brooks & Dunn “Only in America” may have possibly cost Barack Obama the Presidency. Seriously, the ‘profound’ rhetoric that he closed with was doused with gasoline and set on fire the moment that song started playing. It’s over folks, start practicing saying “Down with McCain”, all you protesters.

On the Issues

Past the rhetoric were some positions. Lets cut to the chase:
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50 Greens giving $20 puts Cynthia McKinney on Utah’s ballot

Please help Cynthia and Rosa Get on the Utah Ballot!

Help us surmount the costly ballot access barriers we face. Today we sent the $ 500 check to the Utah Secretary of State, but if we’re to see Cynthia and Rosa’s names on the ballot in Utah, we must also still raise $ 1,000.00 more in round trip air fare to get Cynthia to Utah to qualify for her place on the ballot. Its true, Utah statute requires Cynthia’s presence, in person before the Lieutenant Governor, in order to qualify for a place on November’s ballot. Please give to the $ 1,500 needed to put Cynthia and Rosa on the Utah ballot!

For purposes of qualifying for Fedeal Matching Funds, contributions now from Florida, Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Iowa, Oklahoma and Viginia are particularly welcome at this moment!

While any contribution up to $ 2,300 per donor is welcome in support of this campaign, only the first $ 250 of each individual contribution counts for the Matching program.

Please use our donor form to make as generous a donation as you can. Then send all of your friends, coworkers and neighbors to this site asking that they match or exceed your donation.

Help get Cynthia to Utah!


Paid for by the:

Power to the People Committee,

Cynthia McKinney for President



McKinney: How the Democrats helped Bush hijack the country

In an article at Op Ed News, Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney says the Democratic Party has shown itself to be incapable of providing even a semblance of the values even of its own activists.

She also says, and I couldn’t agree more, that we are the true patriots!

Check out the post at Op Ed News and I think you will see right away why McKinney is our candidate.


Green Party Ballot Access Suit in News

The Columbus Dispatch reports today on the lawsuit filed by Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente on August 26  in U.S. District Court in Columbus seeking placement on Ohio’s Nov. 4 ballot.

The suit relies on a July ruling by Federal Judge Edmund J. Sargus placing Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr and John Moore of the Socialist Party should be on Ohio’s November ballot. Sargus found that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s directive on what minor-party candidates must do to be included on Ohio’s ballot is unconstitutional.

The Green Party’s lawsuit asks that McKinney’s and Clemente’s names be included on the Nov. 4 ballot and that Brunner be prohibited from enforcing her directive. According to the Dispatch, a petition from the Ohio Green Party placing the names of McKinney and Clemente on the Ohio ballot was rejected because it did not have the required 5,000 signatures.


CNN/TIME poll: McKinney at 2% / 3% in CO, NV state polls

From a CNN/Time poll taken Aug 24-26th, with a margin of error of 4.0%


Registered Voters
Obama 42%
McCain 43%
Barr 3%
McKinney 2%
Nader 7%
None 2%
Other 1%
No Opinion 1%

Registered Voters
Obama 41%
McCain 41%
Barr 5%
McKinney 3%
Nader 6%
None 3%
Other 0%
No Opinion 2%

Gonna be tough to pin down a ‘spoiler’ in this race, as McKinney, Barr and Nader all poll higher than the margin between the two other guys. And look at the aggregate. Including ‘other’ 13% of the registered voters in Nevada and 14% in Colorado want to vote for a specific 3rd party candidate. Too bad they’re not getting 14% of the coverage, huh?

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