Fixing Green Party Watch Radio

Well, last week I interviewed Richard Carroll. As mentioned in an earlier post, I was unable to get the system to work properly, and the show was almost unlistenable. Some brave souls did though, so I decided there was enough interest that I needed to fix the problem.

I learned how to edit my audio a little bit and the result is a new version of my interview with Richard, and this one is better for sure. You can listen to the new version by clicking here

The most popular show so far was my interview with kat swift. To listen to that one, simply click here.

Today’s program featured Holly Hart, GPUS national Secretary. We talked about Iowa, her run for Lt. Governor, ballot access and so much more. You can listen to that program by visiting this “featured” show.

I learned from the editing process. I learned that I talk too much and don’t add a lot. I’m getting better folks. Soon hopefully all you’ll hear from me is “Our guest today is…” followed by thirty minutes on them talking about things that interest you.

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A network of Green activists reporting on Green Party candidates, chapters, committees and issues using Green Party Watch, social networks, radio and TV to carry news of the Green Party before the American people

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  1. Hey whats up, you’re doing a great job dont be so hard on yourself, lol. I added your player to my group on Star Wars Space which is pro Green Party. I’m about to start getting allot of that fan base to join. Its a voting bloc that Ron Paul and Obama reached out to. I was wondering if there are options in blogtalkradio to theme your player to a different color, like maybe green instead of blue. Peace!

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