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Now, on to the news!

Steve Larrick, Green Party candidate for US Senate from Nebraska, got some coverage for his visit to the Nebraska State Fair. While there he debated the Democratic and Republican nominee , and was interrupted by a marching band. And you thought ballot access was our only hurdle!

The full story is available at the Daily Nebraskan and Larrick maintains a blog over here.

You can also listen to the debate via netMebraska and do further reading at The Grand Island Independent.

MLive.com covered Cynthia McKinney’s planned visit to Detroit over the Labor Day weekend.

Whitewater Community TV will broadcast portions of the Democratic, Republican and Green Party national conventions. The Indiana based broadcaster will reportedly broadcast McKinney’s acceptance speech and press conference.

Bunches of media outlets have gotten it wrong. They posted articles explaining that Ralph Nader had submitted signatures to place his name on the ballot as the Green Party nominee. An example of this screw-up is here. One can only hope that tomorrow’s news will tell the truth, that Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party nominee.

The Babylon Beacon of Long Island announced a Green Party gathering on September 3rd.

The Jackson Sun reports on Cynthia McKinney’s visit to Jackson TN, as well as other stops in Western TN. McKinney said

“We are kick-starting a movement so that our values can be reflected in public policy.”

Former Green Party vice-presidential nominee Pat LaMarche has resigned her position as spokesperson for a casino proposed in Maine. A FOX News affiliate in that state posted a brief video in which the reporter explains the reasons LaMarche resigned her post.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, some Democrats in that state have started a political action committee to bring the Green nominee for Public Relations Committee some cash, and at least a little bit of news coverage. Apparently some Democrats believe that Rick Lass would be a better public servant than the Democratic nominee.

Lass will get $64,000 in public financing for the campaign, but some Democrats feel so strongly about Lass that they have already held meetings to turn out support for him in November.

Finally, Eugene Platt Green Party nominee for the 115th House District in the South Carolina State Legislature, got some coverage in that city’s free weekly. Platt found out today that the South Carolina Democratic Party has filed to intervene in his federal ballot access case. Represented by the ACLU, Platt and supporters in Charleston held the first of what will be many re-organizing meetings in the South Carolina Lowcountry this past Saturday.

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  1. Gregg thank you for the news round up! I’ve been busy with work and family and state Green Party stuff and have really fallen behind. Great stuff happening!

  2. Thanks Ron, but I really believe for the first time that we have a Green news blog with enough writers that it does well even when one or two of us can’t pay attention for a few days. All the writers here give me hope, and to be honest, a sense of belonging. I am very grateful.

  3. Thanks for the roundup. Just a couple of comments on the Rick Lass story…
    I think the office he’s running for is public *regulation* commissioner. Also, it’s all well and good if Democrats want to support Lass, but I’m a bit concerned about the mention of a Political Action Committee. Don’t Greens pledge to refuse money from PACs? I mean, PACs are frequently conduits for the shadiest kinds of political money laundering, no?

  4. On PACs, yes and no.

    A Political Action Committee (PAC) is defined by statute. Technically my local Green Party chapter is a PAC, as well as all county parties for every political party.

    If we created a “Wisconsin for McKinney” group, it would have to be registered as a PAC. “Power to the People Wisconsin” – would have to be registered as a PAC. “Friends of the Earth” – if it is going to donate money to candidates or campaigns, gotta be a PAC.

    So it all depends on what kind of PAC it is, how much money is involved, what they do with the money, and how it is registered with the state election board (or FEC if federal).

  5. There are so many good and descent candidates,it’s sad if the nation decides to vote for the lesser of two evils.Yes I admit I voted Bush in the last two elections,but this time around it won’t go for one of the two major parties,while I have always liked Nader,he makes a lot of sense on issues,I’m comforatble in knowing that voting for Baldwin/Castle is a smart move,however I do think the voters for the parties that don’t want either of the major parties to be elected,should join and vote for the third party that has a chance,otherwise it just keeps getting tossed back and forth.We have a chance,btw from what I can tell this seems to be a well put together site,worthy of book mark.

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