McKinney on the ballot in Minnesota

From Power to the People Minnesota:

Historic Step Forward for Women Candidates on Women’s Equality Day

On Tuesday, August 26th, Minnesota supporters of Cynthia McKinney’s 2008 presidential bid delivered over 2,700 petition signatures they have collected to gain ballot access for the Green Party candidate and her vice-presidential running mate Rosa Clemente. A minimum of 2,000 certified signatures are required by the state of Minnesota in order to gain ballot access in the November 4th elections.

Representatives of the MN Green Party, Power to the People MN, and the Workers International League handed in hundreds of signed petition sheets at the office of the Secretary of State at the State Office Building in St. Paul.

Cynthia McKinney is a six-term former Congresswoman from Georgia who quit the Democratic Party on her birthday in 2007 because the Democratic Party no longer represented her values. She joined the Green Party, campaigned for its Presidential nomination, and was nominated in Chicago at the Green Party National Convention on July 12 (www.votetruth08.com).

As her running mate, Congresswoman McKinney chose Rosa Clemente (www.RosaClemente.com). Ms. Clemente brings strong credentials to this race. She is a founder of the Hip-Hop Convention, a community activist, and a scholar.

Also running in Minnesota on the Green Party ticket are Farheen Hakeem (MN House District 61B), Allan Hancock (MN House District 46B) and Colin Lee (MN House District 36A). For the latest information on the candidates, issues, and values of the Green Party of Minnesota, please visit www.mngreens.org.

Currently on the ballot in 25 states that hold a majority of electoral votes — and with a good chance to make it on in several more states — the Cynthia McKinney-Rosa Clemente presidential ticket is breaking new ground, and breaking down barriers in American politics.

Ms. McKinney and Ms. Clemente join such pioneers for equality as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, who waged a long and persistent struggle for women’s suffrage. 78 years after the nineteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution finally secured the right to vote for women, the McKinney-Clemente campaign is seeking ballot access in Minnesota for the first all-women presidential ticket of a national political party.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Great news. Hopefully more states will follow shortly. McKinney for president!

  2. Lets see…..
    according to Ballot Access News, McKinney is on the ballot in 26 states(27 including Minnesota) and Washington DC. 14 states are listed as ‘too late’. 4 are listed as ‘finished’. 4 states are listed as still gathering signatures. 2 states are listed as being ‘in court’.
    That gives the Greens a minimum of 30 states(assuming all the ‘finished’ states pan out) plus DC, and a maximum of 36 states plus DC.

    Ralph Nader is on in 33 states. 5 states are listed as ‘too late’. 9 states and DC are ‘finished’. 3 States are still gathering. This gives Nader 42 states plus DC at the minimum and 45 states plus DC at the most.

    What does Nader have that the Greens don’t? How is an organization built around one man outdoing a political party with a pre-existing infrastructure?

  3. Nader has a lot more money to build his campaign with than McKinney does. Take a look at the numbers at OpenSecrets.org

    Nader: $2,295,218

    McKinney: $170,591

    The other problem is that the Green Party nomination is far to late in the year. Nader has been collecting signatures for a lot longer. The party should select its presidential candidate by early March, IMO.

  4. I do not have a problem with Ralph Nader at all. In fact, I voted for him in 2004. I was criticizing the Green Party (i.e. for not nominating the presidential candidate earlier in the year).

  5. I am at peace with Nader.

    I wanted him to seek the GP nomination.

    He didn’t.

    McKinney did.

    I like McKinney.

    I’m voting for McKinney.

    If I had ranked choice voting, I would vote 1. McKinney, 2. Nader,3. La Riva,

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