50 Greens giving $20 puts Cynthia McKinney on Utah’s ballot

Please help Cynthia and Rosa Get on the Utah Ballot!

Help us surmount the costly ballot access barriers we face. Today we sent the $ 500 check to the Utah Secretary of State, but if we’re to see Cynthia and Rosa’s names on the ballot in Utah, we must also still raise $ 1,000.00 more in round trip air fare to get Cynthia to Utah to qualify for her place on the ballot. Its true, Utah statute requires Cynthia’s presence, in person before the Lieutenant Governor, in order to qualify for a place on November’s ballot. Please give to the $ 1,500 needed to put Cynthia and Rosa on the Utah ballot!

For purposes of qualifying for Fedeal Matching Funds, contributions now from Florida, Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Iowa, Oklahoma and Viginia are particularly welcome at this moment!

While any contribution up to $ 2,300 per donor is welcome in support of this campaign, only the first $ 250 of each individual contribution counts for the Matching program.

Please use our donor form to make as generous a donation as you can. Then send all of your friends, coworkers and neighbors to this site asking that they match or exceed your donation.

Help get Cynthia to Utah!


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Power to the People Committee,

Cynthia McKinney for President



Jay Parks was born in Scott County, in Southern Indiana to two public school teachers in 1979. He attended Scott County public schools, and graduated from Austin High School. Scott County is a very poor and rural county, and many of Jay's values find there roots in the rural upbringing. He attended Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana as a Presidential Scholar with a full ride scholarship. At ISU, Jay majored in Political Science with minors in music and international studies. Jay also studied and speaks French with some fluency. He obtained a B.A. from ISU in 2002. After finishing undergraduate study, Jay moved to Indianapolis where he has worked in the customer service industry for some time. He plans to attned IUPUI in the fall of 2009 to pursue a joint law degree and master's of public administration at the School for Public and Environmental Affairs. He currently resides with his 2 long time companions, 6 dogs, and 2 cats in Historic Cottage Home Neighborhood of Indianapolis. He's Secretary of the Cottage Home Neighborhood Association and is helping that group pursue a designation of Wildlife Friendly Neighborhood with the National Wildlife Federation. He's a member of the Marion County Green Party, National Lavender Greens Caucus, Presidential Campaign Support Committee(PCSC), and Secretary for the Indiana Green Party. In his free time Jay enjoys organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, and is a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Wind Symphony where he is principal bass clarinet.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I kicked in a few $$. The site is now getting over 200 hits a day folks. Let’s translate that readership into a few more $$ to get the Green Party candidates on the ballot!

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