CNN/TIME poll: McKinney at 2% / 3% in CO, NV state polls

From a CNN/Time poll taken Aug 24-26th, with a margin of error of 4.0%


Registered Voters
Obama 42%
McCain 43%
Barr 3%
McKinney 2%
Nader 7%
None 2%
Other 1%
No Opinion 1%

Registered Voters
Obama 41%
McCain 41%
Barr 5%
McKinney 3%
Nader 6%
None 3%
Other 0%
No Opinion 2%

Gonna be tough to pin down a ‘spoiler’ in this race, as McKinney, Barr and Nader all poll higher than the margin between the two other guys. And look at the aggregate. Including ‘other’ 13% of the registered voters in Nevada and 14% in Colorado want to vote for a specific 3rd party candidate. Too bad they’re not getting 14% of the coverage, huh?

In a two way race
Registered Voters
Obama 46%
McCain 47%
Neither 5%

Registered Voters
Obama 49%
McCain 44%
Neither 6%

Polls of NM & PA showed Nader getting 8% & 7%, respectively. (McKinney not asked in PA for obvious reasons, and didn’t register in NM for some reason.) Obama/McCain both lose equally in CO, but Obama takes a serious hit in NV.

Poll can be found here: PDF File

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  1. Sadly, polls that include 3rd party candidates and have a 4% margin of error AND are taken months prior to the election tend to be wildly inaccurate. Add in the traditional cold feet syndrome when people actually find themselves in the voting booth, and you can cut these figures in half, at least.

    Makes for good publicity, though. It’s good PR that they’re even INCLUDING McKinney in some of these polls. The fact that she’s registering above 1% is a pretty good sign of name recognition for the Green Party.

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