McKinney: How the Democrats helped Bush hijack the country

In an article at Op Ed News, Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney says the Democratic Party has shown itself to be incapable of providing even a semblance of the values even of its own activists.

She also says, and I couldn’t agree more, that we are the true patriots!

Check out the post at Op Ed News and I think you will see right away why McKinney is our candidate.

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  1. I was recently thinking about that speech, and how Cynthia said that we are the true patriots. It’s time to change our political culture from its current state, in which dishonest, flattering chicken hawks covered in flag pins are considered patriotic. There’s nothing patriotic about someone who tells us that everything’s going to be all right, then turns around and auctions off our rights, values and common wealth. And there’s nothing more un-American than these neocons who use fear as a weapon to destroy the Constitution and everything the founders fought for.
    Being Green is patriotic – we are using our freedom not to go shopping, but to try and improve our country for everyone, while the establishment parties work for a narrowing circle of oligarchs. Think of the biggest corporate political donors – the military-industrial complex, the HMOs, the tobacco industry, the fossil fuel industry – and you’ll realize that they all profit from death. They are lobbying the government, with huge bribes that are dwarfed only by the corporate welfare they receive in return, to take a lax attitude to death. Meanwhile, Greens are working against all odds, fueled only by love for humanity and the earth, to ensure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all Americans. Is that not true patriotism?

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