You know you watched it…

…at least on YouTube, if not on TiVo. Yes, the Obama acceptance speech.

I just watched it on slight tape delay with the DVR and this is “One Green’s Thoughts” on it. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

Music selection

I believe there is a saboteur in the Obama camp, and it is whomever was in charge of music selection.

First, in a poke at the Cynthia McKinney Power to the People campaign, they played “Power to the People” to introduce…Dick Durbin? WTF?

But the proof of conspiracy lays at the feet of closing Obama’s speech with the country western Brooks & Dunn “Only in America” may have possibly cost Barack Obama the Presidency. Seriously, the ‘profound’ rhetoric that he closed with was doused with gasoline and set on fire the moment that song started playing. It’s over folks, start practicing saying “Down with McCain”, all you protesters.

On the Issues

Past the rhetoric were some positions. Lets cut to the chase:

  • He’ll cut tax breaks to some corporations, but give them to others, depending on what nation their P.O. Box is in;
  • He’ll spend 15 Billion per year on renewable energy, but he sees “Clean” Coal and Nuclear Power as the solutions to our energy crisis;
  • Education – He’ll make sure you can afford it (and pay for it), as long as you serve in the military or serve community service. (Compared to McKinney’s ‘Education not Incarceration’ position). The rest of you are screwed.
  • Health care – Lower premiums, lower costs, regulate insurance and extend Congressional insurance to those without (but they have to pay for it, right?) a far cry from Universal Health Care, which has been achieved in so many other Nations that all happen to have multi-party politics and Greens in Government…
  • Bankruptcy – I heard about pensions and CEOs but nothing about the poor and lower middle class that are enslaved by credit card debt and can’t even declare bankruptcy (thanks to Biden).
  • Cut government programs – yes, he said that to pay for his plans he would close corporate loopholes and cut “un-needed” government programs. No definition of “un-needed” was provided.
  • Time frame for withdrawal from Iraq
  • Take the war to Afghanistan
  • GLBT Issues – stands for visitation rights? What about equal rights? Come on!


He had strong rhetoric, and gave a strong speech. You can read about that everywhere else likely.

Overall Analysis

Obama should defeat McCain, but I believe that the Brooks & Dunn song tanked the Presidency for Obama. It is unfortunate, because the closer the election appears to be between McCain and Obama, the more voters will get cold feet and vote to block instead of vote their hopes, i.e. they will be tempted to vote for Obama instead of voting for McKinney.

But if they look closely at Obama’s stated positions (see above), and look at the Green Party’s stated positions, the decision should be already decided – that only the Green Party represents the values that Americans truly believe in: Universal Health Care, Moratorium on New Coal and Nuclear Power Plants, End the Wars (all of them!), Sustainable economic development and Social Justice for All Americans not just the privileged.

What did you think?

Ronald Hardy


  1. This is a good analysis but Like Cynthia and the Convention Protests the Major Media in Detroit will not let it get to a Mass Audience

  2. I man aged to stay away from live coverage of the convention all week until the 2nd half of the speech. Of course, I tuned in halfway, but I definitely don’t agree with those dem bloggers who are defining it as ‘the speech’ of a generation, blah, blah. I found his tone and pitch repetitive, and he could have been giving the speech in a studio with a crowd track – I agree that he was not feeding off the crowd.

    Spectacle – yes, well done: 9.5
    poetry – not his best: 6.0
    substance – more than usual, and quite a dose of economic populism, which is the way he’s gonna win this thing, if he does, but relying on the myths of ‘clean coal’ and ‘safe Nuclear energy’ make his energy plan dubious at best: 7.0

    From a strategic point of view, I hope he gets a big bounce from this, and begins to run away from McCain, leaving people’s conscience free to vote 3rd party.

  3. One reason I believe the Democratic Party left me behind was Three Mile Island. When that nuclear power plant near Harrisburg PA almost went to a complete meltdown, Jimmy Carter, a basically honorable if misguided man, told us that everything was OK when it was far from OK.

    Then my anti-nuke friends went ga-ga over Obama and began writing notes of support for Obama on the list.

    I then left those lists.

    I am so glad the Green Party is here, unwilling to change from “No offshore drilling” to “Drill now, drill everywhere”, unwilling to go from “No nukes” to “Safe nukes”. Cynthia stands firm. “Leave the oil in the soil.” Jesse Johnson helped us understand the sickening “Mountain top removal” ruining the Appalachians.

    We Greens get it. I only hope that the rest of the people catch up before it’s too late.

  4. I have no idea where you stand on ANY issues. You should have a topic “Issues” right on the home page.
    I shouldn’t have to look through those cofusing blog titles or anything else to get real information.
    You’re supposed to be running for President, yet I don’t see anything about the Economy, Healthcare., Medicare, Civil Liberties, Border Security, etc.,etc., etc. This site can’t be for real!!!!
    I will check back in 3 or 4 days and if it still looks the same, I won’t be back anymore.

  5. Dude, this BLOG is NOT running for President!

    Cynthia McKinney is running for President!

    This is Green Party Watch – news and stories about the Green Party!

    Try http://www.runcynthiarun.org

    or maybe click on the picture on the right that says “CYNTHIA MCKINNEY FOR PRESIDENT”.

  6. Pat,

    I think you have the wrong web site. This is not a presidential candidate’s site, it is a news website.

    Where did you think you were, or who do you think runs this site?

    Or are you trying to be funny, and I just missed it?

  7. I think the Greens should stop blocking Nader out of their discussions. He helped raise their national attention quite a bit. He backed out of the draftnader petition to help preserver the Green Party’s unity and run a synergistic campaign.
    When I hear things like “Only the greens” in reference to things Nader also stands for, I wonder how open to change the greens are.
    Of course, I hear Nader say it sometimes too, but he seems to recognize the greens much more than they recognize him these days.
    McKinney and Nader are both superior to Obama and McCain, but they really need to work together to promote the issues they both care about.
    Nader is so green it’s crazy, he helped push the EPA, led the fight against unsafe nuclear, etc. At the least, you’d think they’d drop his name once in a while. He talks about opening up the debates to Barr and McKinney quite a bit it seems.

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