Charleston Democrats fail to keep Platt off Nov ballot

According to an interested observer, the Charleston SC Democratic Party’s attempt to keep Eugene Platt off the November ballot in SC House District 115 as the SC Green Party’s nominee has failed today in state court. The Democratic Party did apparently secure an injunction, but the injunction prevents Platt from campaigning for write-in votes and from gathering signatures to appear on the ballot as a petition nominee. Since Platt is not seeking write-in votes nor ballot access signatures to run as a petition candidate, the court has apparently enjoined Platt from doing things he has not done and has no plans to do.

What at least one observer suggested that a ruling that the statute was un-Constitutional might have been a more complete victory, this ruling apparently does not include an enforcement provision.

Tomorrow Platt and the South Carolina Green Party go to Federal Court for what is hoped to be a final ballot access hearing. Both Platt and the state party are represented by attorneys working for the ACLU Voting Rights Project.

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  1. Just got off the phone with Eugene and his son. Apparently the lawyer for the Democratic Party brought the judge a proposed injunction to sign, which he apparently did. The ACLU attorney was given no input although the judge said that attorneys for both sides would draw up the language. The injunction language, which I will link to as soon as it is available, apparently enjoins Platt from doing anything at all to advance his candidacy, perhaps even precluding his right to sue the state Election Commission in federal court.

    I would reserve judgment until actual documents can be read, but this is just the sort of anti-democratic actions by the corporate parties that makes it clear to me that the lesser of two evils is indeed still very evil.

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