McKinney on KPFA now!

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  1. Kimberly Wilder says:

    It was nice of Pacifica to have Cynthia on, and to play a Nader clip, as a way of opening the debate in a small way.

    Cynthia was okay, but not dazzling. I think it was because of the format of her and/or interviewers being by phone and not in person, and by the time being short and unclear. She kind of got awkwardly cut off. I think it was just a flow of technology/conversation problem. Though, a caller into WBAI shortly afterwards took it as the hosts not being fair to Cynthia. Interesting that here in NY, on WBAI, the live phone calls after this section were a lot about support for Nader and/or McKinney. (And, at least one complaint that the socialists were not included, with the claim – somewhat correct – that some of them are a national campaign.)

    I like that Cynthia affirmed her credentials as a former Congresswoman. And, Cynthia spoke about election integrity -which is an issue that all of us need focus on to get our votes counted.

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