Gregg Jocoy

55 year old father of two girls and grandfather of two girls. South Carolina Green since 2000.

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  1. Ms McKinney’s veiled suggestions that 9-11 was somehow an inside job really don’t seem to serve a purpose, other than to completely discredit her, and by association, the Green Party.

    The fact of the matter is, if someone is plotting a terrorist attack, and does not care if they survive, and in fact they want to die in that attack – it becomes exponentially harder to stop the attack.

    The money spent on military and intelligence capabilities is largely irrelevant when it comes to terror attacks. The US had the most powerful military and intelligence forces the day before:

    The attack on the USS Cole
    The bombing of the US barracks in Saudi Arabia
    The bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City
    The first bombing of WTC in 1993

    So to conflate “Operation Northwoods” with 9-11, is faulty logic at best, and conspiracy nuttery at worst. The 9-11 commission report may have inaccuracies, or be missing pieces of information, but to talk about conspiracy theories is just silly.

    I expect more from our party’s Presidential candidate.

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