Rosa Clemente at the RNC videos

First Rosa Clemente speaking out at the RNC protests in Minneapolis. Not sure who shot this video but it was posted by Chris Lugo on YouTube. Good stuff, but it was kind of distracting when the stage hands were trying to get her off the stage after 3 minutes:

Then this interview with Rosa in the midst of the street marches, where she goes off on the cops and continues her unrehearsed, straight from the heart style, posted by John’s Doe Main:

I’ve heard from some Greens that Rosa is too much activist and not enough politician. In my opinion, she’s awesome. Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential candidate with the Green Party.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I confess I found the second video a bit disappointing… I’m a big GP/McKinney supporter, and from what I’ve heard from Rosa so far I like her a good deal too, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to characterize/generalize the police in the way she did. You can object to what they’re doing/how they’re doing it, but dehumanizing them in the way she did… I understand her frustration and I know there’s a problem with racism in our law enforcement but I always felt the message of the GP was that you fight hate with peace and cool heads, not with more hate. This doesn’t change my vote but I thought it would only be fair to say something when I felt my party was doing something I didn’t feel right about!

  2. I feel you, Jared… my basic reaction to that second video was that she needs to chill out and get back on a positive vibe. Look at how Cynthia handles all the hate that’s shoveled on her – pretty big contrast to Rosa’s reaction to the passing heckler. And why, after she hits the nail on the head saying that those riot police are low-paid brainwashees just trying to make a buck, does she still insist on saying “f- the police”?
    I realize the situation in Denver was very wrong, but aren’t we also trying to inject some *positivity* into politics? To be honest, Matt Gonzalez would get my vote in the vice-presidential election, if that only existed.

  3. She was also pepper sprayed on the streets of the Twin Cities by the police, and narrowly avoided the concussion grenades and beat down that the police unleashed on both protesters and journalists.

    Jesus may have said to turn the other cheek to violence, but Rosa calls it for what it is – violence by the police on protesting American citizens, and she doesn’t like that. I don’t either. Neither do many of the people who got beaten and detained by these police.

    Maybe watch these:

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