Rebekah Kennedy for U.S. Senate Arkansas

In an editorial published yesterday (October 6) in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Pat Lynch, frustrated like many over Congress’ capitulation to Wall St. and massive taxpayer giveaway, says this:

There is no help coming from Arkansas’ political establishment. A fine lawyer from Fort Smith named Rebekah Kennedy opposes Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor. Kennedy is running on the Green Party ticket. Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln does not come up this year. Among members of the U.S. House, Democrats Mike Ross and Vic Snyder, as well as Republican John Boozman, have Green Party opponents, but Democrat Marion Berry gets a free pass from all sides, so largely thanks to our do-nothing state Republican Party, previously masquerading as a functioning political entity, our congressional delegation has no substantial accountability. At least the Greens try.

Rebekah KennedyRebekah Kennedy is in a unique position as a Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate – it is a 1 on 1 match up against Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor. Only one Green candidate for U.S. Senate has ever been in a head to head match up – that was Joyce Robinson-Paul in 2006 who went up against Democrat Michael Brown for the non-voting Senate seat for District of Columbia. Robinson-Paul took 14.3% of the vote.

This year in Arkansas the Democrats and Republicans chose to not challenge each other for any of their Congressional races. The Green Party of Arkansas stepped in and challenged them all, giving the voters a real choice on election day. Rebekah Kennedy headlines that ticket. This is Kennedy’s second state wide campaign in Arkansas. In 2006 she ran for Governor and picked up over 33,000 votes for 4.4% in a contested 3 way race.

Rebekah Kennedy is a Ft. Smith Lawyer who was born and raised in Arkansas. Civil liberties is a top issue in her campaign, and her website points to the slow erosion of our civil liberties since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“Men like Mark Pryor attempt to excuse their role in empowering the government at the expense of the People by constantly repeating that 9-11 changed everything, that after the events of that tragic day, America can no longer afford such precious values as freedom, justice and mercy. While it is true that Al Qaida’s outrageous, unprovoked attack upon the United States changed the world in many ways, I think it is time, after more than five years, to talk about the things 9-11 did not change.”

While Kennedy has an uphill battle, because the Republicans have stepped away from challenging the conservative Democrat Pryor, Rebekah Kennedy is in a position to receive all the votes from those frustrated by a Congress that sells them out.

Rebekah Kennedy’s campaign site is here, and you can donate to her campaign by following the links.

Ronald Hardy


  1. The folks in Arkansas are showing the rest of us how to do this stuff. I am so grateful to them. Remember, the next state legislator elected on the Green ballot line is coming from Arkansas, and having a veteran political leader like Jim Lendall is an asset any state would love to have.

  2. Amen, Gregg. Single-party fiefdoms, especially those that have been given up for dead by one of the corporate parties, are the perfect place to run Green candidates and start building credibility for the Greens as a grassroots alternative.

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