McKinney Campaigns in Illinois Oct. 28-29

Cynthia McKinney’s Power to the People Campaign hits Illinois with just a week to go before the election, returning to where her campaign kicked off at the Green Party National Convention in July. Illinois, which is running a record 54 candidates from Congress down to local races, has demonstrated its Green voting potential after Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney took over 10% of the vote in 2006.

McKinney will campaign in Chicago, Naperville, Springfield, and Alton, alongside Illinois Green Party candidates for Congress. See the below press release for details.


For Immediate Release:


Appearances set for Chicago, Naperville, Springfield and Alton


Rich Whitney
Event Organizer

Phil Huckelberry
IL Green Party Chair

Patrick Kelly
IL Green Party Media Coordinator

Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney brings her “Power
to the People” campaign to the nation’s heartland of Illinois on
Tuesday, October 28 and Wednesday, October 29. Highlights include
appearances in downtown Chicago, a meet-the-candidate breakfast in
Naperville, a press conference in Springfield at the State Capitol and
a candidates’ forum in Alton, Illinois, in the St. Louis Metro East

At many of her appearances, Cynthia will be joined by some of the
record 54 Green Party candidates running for office throughout the
State of Illinois, including 11 congressional candidates.

“The Green Party is making waves running competitive races for public
office throughout much of the State,” commented Rich Whitney, who won
over 10 percent of the vote as the Green candidate for Governor in
2006. “And McKinney’s appearance here comes at an opportune time.
While the two corporate-sponsored candidates have exposed themselves
as being tools of Wall Street, with no real answers to the collapse of
the economy, McKinney has shown real leadership on economic issues.
She is the only candidate who talks about dismantling the
military-industrial-prison complex, winning a job-creating
peace-and-justice dividend to rebuild our nation’s energy, housing and
transportation infrastructure on a green foundation; ending corporate
welfare, and putting an end to the biggest act of predatory lending of
all — the control of the nation’s money supply by a private
consortium of banks, the Federal Reserve.”

“And while the twin corporate-sponsored candidates try to outdo each
other in saber-rattling against Pakistan, Iran and Russia, while
supporting the continued occupation of Iraq and escalation in
Afghanistan,” Whitney added, “Cynthia McKinney has distinguished
herself as being the principled advocate for peace and the peace
movement, calling for a complete and fast end to U.S. military
deployments worldwide. She and the other Green candidates are standing
up for the principle of national self-determination and standing
against our government’s strategy of serving corporate interests
through military domination — a strategy that breeds more hatred of
the U.S. and more terrorism.” Whitney will be accompanying McKinney on
her campaign swing through Illinois.

The following is an itinerary of McKinney’s campaigning in Illinois:

Tuesday, October 28

7 p.m. Reception at Black Independent Political Convention, Ms. Sis
Place, 1401 E. 75th St., Chicago.

8:15 p.m. (approx.): Speak at Green Party candidates’ reception and
forum, YWCA*, 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago (at Wacker). $15 admission
includes refreshments. This event begins at 7:00 p.m. and continues
until 10:00, and will feature talks by other Chicago-area Green Party
candidates, including Senatorial candidate Kathy Cummings and
congressional candidates Omar Lopez (4th Dist.) and Jeremy Pohlen (3rd

Wednesday, October 29th

8 – 9:30 a.m.: Breakfast meet and greet, at Egg Harbor restaurant, 175
W. Jackson, in Naperville, with Senate candidate Cummings,
Congressional candidate Steve Alesch (13th Dist.) and DuPage and Kane
County Green candidates, members and supporters, including State Rep
candidates Dan Kairis and Kevin O’Connor.

1:30 p.m: Springfield. (Time probable but not yet confirmed) Press
conference at the State Capitol “Blue Room.” Radio interview at WMAY,
970 AM news-talk radio, time not yet confirmed.

4:00 – 6:30 p.m.: Green Party candidate Meet-and-Greet/forum, Holiday
Inn, 3800 Homer Adams Pkwy, Alton, with Rodger Jennings, 12th Dist.
Congressional candidate, and Troy Dennis, 19th Dist. Congressional

The Illinois Green Party is one of three established political parties
in Illinois. The Illinois Green Party held its first statewide primary
in February 2008 and hosted the 2008 Green Party National Convention
in Chicago in July. More than 50 candidates across the state will
compete in the 2008 General Election on Nov. 4.


Ronald Hardy

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  1. Sounds like an exciting couple of days for the Illinois Greens. I hope they post something about how things went.

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