Arkansas Democrat-Gazette glowing endorsement of Richard Carroll

Although the Green Party candidate Richard Carroll is the only candidate on the ballot, and the newspaper notes that clearly, nonetheless the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s endorsement of Richard Carroll for the Arkansas State Legislature is a big deal. The paper admits the decision was easy since he was the only one on the ballot, but goes on to state “…we’re not so sure we wouldn’t be endorsing Richard Carroll today even if the Democrats and Republicans had fielded candidates.”

Why? Read on…

If there’s an honest, down-to-earth straight-shooter on this year’s ballot, Richard Carroll seems to be it. He told us he was considering a write-in candidacy but decided to go with the Greens: “I don’t have to agree with all their platform, but as long as I don’t disagree publicly . . . .” Join the club, Mr. Carroll. Who always agrees with their party of choice? But show us a politician who’ll actually say that, and the conversation is getting close to being honest.

There are other reasons for the voters in HD 39 to go for Richard Carroll. If it were up to him, he says, the state would remove the grocery tax completely. He talks (and talks a lot) about bringing more jobs to the Little Rock area, especially in light manufacturing. He says he wants more vo-tech opportunities for young folks. And-this is a big concern in House District 39, and should be-he says he thinks the state should be doing more to fight crime. (“I would like to help in any way I can at the legislative level to help fund extra officers and programs . . . .”) Sounds like a plan.

Sounds like a solid candidate.

Sounds like a Green Party candidate who deserves to win a House seat.

Our choice in House District 39 is Richard Carroll.

Yes, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette actually likes Richard Carroll.

You can read the

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  1. Will Carroll refrain from disagreeing publicly with the Green Party platform once he is elected and responsible for casting votes on issues of public importance?

    I think he owes it to his prospective constituents, and to the Greens around the country who will be celebrating his presumptive victory on election night, to publicly state where he disagrees with the Green Party platform.

    No surprises, please.

  2. Hey Eric,

    I don’t know why your comments keep getting snagged in the spam catcher, but they do and therefore they don’t always show up until I review the spam list.

    I can’t speak *for* Richard, but based on my conversations with him via email and his appearance on Green Party Watch Radio, I believe abortion is the issue where he has the most disagreement with the Green Party. He is a Roman Catholic, and I think he feels a moral and religious imperative there. I could be wrong however.

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