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  1. < sarcasm >Really? What I heard was that since Obama didn’t publicly insult Cynthia McKinney, that was the equivalent of an endorsement.

    Plus of course there is the infamous video from a Florida rally when Obama engaged protesters from InPDUM with the “What about the black people?” banner in which Obama pretty clearly says that if they don’t like where he stands they can vote for “someone else”… i.e. CYNTHIA MCKINNEY.

    If that isn’t an endorsement of McKinney by Obama then I don’t what is.

  2. Hey. I wonder if this post is a subtle way to bring attention (and some coy vengeance) to a political flap in our third party/independent community. If so, let me tell you, the rumor that was posted the other day about Cynthia at another site appears to be down (at least for now.) I had it out in a different way over the rumors which were probably not ready to be published. And, I think people came to some understandings. Peace, Kimberly

  3. I think a circular firing squad from the “left of center” / third party / independent movements is un-necessary and counter productive. I was thrilled to wake up this morning to discover that no one took the bait on this post.

    Zeleni’s wit was a sufficient statement on the “crap” that had been posted elsewhere, and it appears clear that GPW readers don’t want to delve into that mess. We’ve got four days until the election, and several hundred candidates on the ballot.

  4. rumors, lies, smears, this sounds pretty negative, divisive and counterproductive.

    I am ready for an open thread, on idea, solutions, visions, projects, plans, next steps…

    but it takes postings and participation for it to work.

  5. Is Cynthia McKinney the best the Green Party could find as their Presidential candidate? She is a total joke to most people in the country. And as far as Rosa Clemente…..nothing needs to be said as all you have to do is look at her.

  6. Now THAT is a “smear”, Tim! But we really weren’t asking for examples. Rosa Clemente is beautiful.

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