Sandy Amborn for State Representative (Maine D.120)

Sandy Amborn
District 120 in Maine (Munjoy Hill area of Portland) is an open seat. Three political newcomers are running for it: Republican Peter Doyle, a software developer; Democrat Diane Marie Russell-Natera, self-employed; and Green Party candidate Sandy Amborn, a research assistant at Idexx Laboratories. This is the kind of race that anyone could win, especially in the Portland, Maine area. Sandy Amborn, who maintains a campaign blog, can win it.

In 2006, Green Party candidate Ben Meiklejohn took 43% of the vote running for this seat, coming in 2nd out of three candidates. in 2004, Green Party candidate Pamela Jean Cragin took 35.6% of the vote in the 120th, coming in second of 3. Can Amborn pull in enough votes to put her over the top?

From a profile of the race in the Portland Press Herald:

Amborn said the Legislature should consider raising more money by imposing a tax on bottled water and eliminating or revising some corporate tax breaks.

“I do think we need more revenue,” she said. “I think we need to look at ways to do that that don’t burden low- and middle-income people.”

Amborn said she would be a strong advocate for a single-payer health insurance system and for state efforts to promote clean energy and help residents cope with high home heating oil prices by subsidizing weatherization and setting tougher energy efficiency standards for buildings.

(photo from the Portland Press Herald)

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