Malik Rahim: New Orleans, from the 1800s to today

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Green Party congressional candidate Malik Rahim, one of the founders of Common Ground, talks a little about his home Algiers, in New Orleans.

Video by Ed Mays of Seattle, Washington.

Watch footage from Malik Rahim’s NW Tour on Pirate TV — viewable on channel 29/77 in King County, or online at scantv.org. Also featuring Lee Fleming of Seattle Common Ground Collective. For more information: see Seattle Common Ground’s website and commongroundrelief.org.

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Chuck Turner blasts media, City Council

Posted by Jeremy Jacobs at PolitickerMA. Excerpt:

BOSTON – In an emotionally charged press conference, embattled City Councilor Chuck Turner said Monday that he is innocent and stridently criticized the press and his fellow city councilors for presuming his guilt before he has had an opportunity to defend himself in court.

Turner’s remarks came at a highly anticipated press conference on the steps of City Hall. Flanked by supporters and in front of a crowd of about 200, Turner emphatically denied allegations that he accepted a $1,000 bribe.

Turner, a Roxbury member of the Green-Rainbow Party, said that he is being tried by the media and the City Council before defending himself in court.

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Green Party of Nepal calls for halt to ‘dictatorship’

The website Mediaforfreedom.com reports on a press conference of the Green Nepal Party.

In a press conference organized on 23 November, GNP said grabbing power with a call of ‘New Nepal,’ the Maoists are trying to take the country towards one party dictatorship. Trying to thrust a polity discarded by the world would be nothing but treason against the nation. This will only upset the political, economic, social foundations of the country. Nepal and her people will never accept it. The Maoists waged a decade-long violent struggle against the tiny poor country. This uncalled for war has not only demolished the valuable infrastructures donated by friendly countries but pushed the country back by a few decades. The policies and directives of the Maoist led government now are further vitiating the situation. The inherent motives of the Maoist to choose such a gigantic constituent assembly through proportional representation could be nothing but achieving their sinister objective by totally destroying the economic structure of the country and pushing it to total anarchy. In such a perilous situation, all the people forces of the country must come together to save her from impending disaster. It must be our one and only commitment. The people can no more take the Maoist familitism. Green Nepal Party, with very limited resources, has come out in the open to reeducate our people to save the people from disaster. At this terrible juncture, Green Nepal Party exhorts all forces to join hands with them to save the country from the impending doom. The GNP also humbly request Nepal’s donor, well wishers and friendly countries to come to Nepal’s rescue.

The problems the country is facing that need immediate resolution are enumerated in the following:
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Draft EcoAction Committee Proposal for Green Party Statement on Water

The EcoAction Committee considers the importance of the water resource a critical priority in this election year and every year after. The Green Party advocates for the future well-being of generations to come by actively working to implement the necessary legislation, electing the committed candidates and establishing the required administrative and political measures in every state. We actively work in accordance with our Key Values to make the changes needed to empower the people to make the decisions regarding the water resource that impact on their daily lives.
We want:
* to work together with our neighbors in making decisions that recognize the stake that future generations have in those decisions; (Future Focus)

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Ten Greens I’m Thankful For

Ten Greens I’m Thankful For:

Cynthia McKinney, for taking the plunge into the Green Party and being our standard bearer in 2008, for inspiring and exciting Greens across the country, for brilliantly articulating a message of radical yet common sense change for America, and for bringing new folks into the party. I was proud to campaign for her.

Rosa Clemente, for proudly declaring “we are the imperative”, for proudly introducing the Green Party to the Hip Hop Political Movement, for her honesty and for speaking her mind and never couching her words, and for her colorful language in interviews that spoke to me in a language I could relate to.

Jesse Johnson, for bringing the West Virginia Mountain Party into the Green Party, for running a unique campaign for the Green Party presidential nomination, and for turning around on short notice and launching an impressive issue-oriented campaign for Governor of West Virginia.

Kent Mesplay, for putting himself out there as a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, for bringing his message to Wisconsin and so many other parts of the country.

Kat Swift, for living her dream of running for President, for campaigning while working full time, for being ‘real’ and speaking from the heart, and for campaigning dressed as Wonder Woman at a parade.

Pete Karas, for stepping up and helping to coordinate the Wisconsin Power to the People campaign, for setting up some great events for McKinney in Racine in September, for starting “the wave” at the Symphony Center in Chicago at the Presidential nominating convention, and for scheming to bring Public Enemy to the public beach in Racine for a special benefit show for Rosa Clemente (which, obviously, didn’t happen…)

Brenda Konkel, Madison Common Councilor, for demonstrating through actions how effective a Green can be serving in local office making a difference in the community she lives in.

Tony Palmeri, Oshkosh Common Councilor, for making us proud with his service in office locally, for speaking his mind and standing by his principles, and for getting me involved in the Green Party four years ago when he ran for State Assembly.

Cindy Stimmler, Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Green Party, who put up with me as her co-chair last year and kept us all on task.

Ruth Weill, for dragging me into the Co-Chair role with the Wisconsin Greens two years ago, and for putting together a helluva Green Party Convention in Chicago this July.


Volunteer for Malik Rahim

Have you been wondering what you can do for the Malik Rahim Campaign?

Phone Bank! Join over 50 others making calls to New Orleans area Greens and other voters to educate them about the Rahim campaign and the Dec. 6 election. It is GOTV time.

How to do it? It is easy. From a note from Green Change:

We have an application that allows people to make calls from home; no matter where they live, as long as they have internet and a phone, they can help. The signup page is at http://tinyurl.com/5686o2
We are aiming for 100 volunteers; right now we have upwards of 50. This is a big opportunity, but if Greens don’t stick out their necks to put Malik in Congress, then it’ll be business as usual with Dollar Bill Jefferson.

So you don’t even need to leave your home to volunteer! I guess no one told former Racine Alderman and Wisconsin Green Pete Karas that – he’s taking the train down to New Orleans this weekend to be a foot soldier in the Green Democracy Corps. If you can go to New Orleans to help with door to door or other campaign work they can use your help on the ground.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved at votemalik.com


Green Party Councilor Chuck Turner Arrested and Charged

According to the Boston Globe, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, a Green-Rainbow Party member and City Councilor since 2000, was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with accepting a bribe. The affidavit alleges that Turner accepted a $1,000 cash bribe on Aug. 3, 2007, in exchange for pushing for a liquor license for a local business.

Video news of a rally for Turner, and actions the Boston City Council may take can be watched here.

Chuck Turner maintains his innocence, and there is a website devoted to supporting Chuck Turner here.

Thanks to Mike Indiana for alerting us to this story! More as we know more.


Cynthia McKinney on Right of Return, Refused Right of Departure

From Cynthia McKinney:

Today, November 23rd, I was slated to give remarks in Damascus, Syria at a Conference being held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, sadly, the 60th year that the Palestinian people have been denied their Right of Return enshrined in that Universal Declaration. But a funny thing happened to me while at the Atlanta airport on my way to the Conference: I was not allowed to exit the country.

I do believe that it was just a misunderstanding. But the insecurity experienced on a daily basis by innocent Palestinians is not. Innocent Palestinians are trapped in a violent, stateless twilight zone imposed on them by an international order that favors a country reported to have completed its nuclear triad as many as eight years ago, although Israel has remained ambiguous on the subject. President Jimmy Carter informed us that Israel had as many as 150 nuclear weapons, and Israel’s allies are among the most militarily sophisticated on the planet. Military engagement, then, is untenable. Therefore the exigency of diplomacy and international law.

The Palestinians should at least be able to count on the protections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What is happening to Palestinians in Gaza right now, subjected to an Israeli-imposed blockade, has drawn the attention of the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who noted that over half of the civilians in Gaza are children. Even The Los Angeles Times criticized Israel’s lockdown of Gaza that is keeping food, fuel, and medicine from civilians. Even so, Israel stood fast by its decision to seal Gaza’s openings. But where are the voices of concern coming from the corridors of power inside the United States? Is the subject of Palestinian human rights taboo inside the United States Government and its government-to-be? I hope not. Following is the speech I would have given today had I been able to attend the Damascus Conference.

Cynthia McKinney
Right of Return Congregation
Damascus, Syria
November 23, 2008
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