Green Party Election Results – Congressional Races

There are 7 Green Party candidates running for U.S. Senate and 69 Green Party candidates running for U.S. House of Representatives across the nation.

We will post election results for these races here as they come in.

Comments welcome, especially reports of, and links to, election results.

Last Update: Nov. 6, 2008

U.S. Senate (7):

U.S. House of Representatives (69)

Ronald Hardy


  1. Excellent!!! We’re going to start updating these results soon. We “hired” some help.

  2. Governor of WV – Jesse isn’t doing too bad!

    % Complete
    Precincts Reporting: 1330 of 1882 71%
    VOTES %
    D (i) JOE MANCHIN, III 346,919 69%
    R RUSS WEEKS 129,868 26%
    M JESSE JOHNSON 23,323 5%
    Joe Manchin, III leading by 217,051 votes

  3. Thanks Deanna and Ron. I am bushed after 4 hours of less than impressive Internet radio, but hey, it’s a first try! We’ll get better as we go along.

    Good nite all…and thanks to everyone.

  4. South Carolina State House of Representatives District 74, Antonio Williams, 8.93% 989 votes.

    York County Council, District 1, Bryan Smith, 5.8%, 1123 votes

  5. I have not been able to keep up but huge gratitude to Pete Karas (Former Green Elected in Racine, WI) for stepping up and looking up these results!!!

    Credit due…

  6. Gordon Clark (MD-08) is at 2.16% in Montgomery County (170 of 170 precincts reporting) and 3.58% in Prince George’s County (8 of 10 precincts reporting). In at least one of the Prince George’s County precincts, Gordon finished ahead of the Republican and in double digits.

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