Green Party Election Results – Local Races

There are many Green Party candidates on the ballot for local offices, from County Board, City Council, School Board, and others.

We will post election results for those races as we learn of them here.

Comments welcome, especially election results and updates for Green Party candidates for local offices.

Ronald Hardy


  1. We’ll cover as many Green Party results right here as soon as we know them.

    For Nader, try Votenader.org

  2. With 29 of 44 counties reporting, the South Carolina Green Party has won 3800 straight party votes, .8 %, leading the non-corporate pack.

  3. IN SF, Mirkarimi easily keeps his seat, Mark Sanchez a close 2nd – still in it:

    S.F. Board of Supervisors – District 5
    Mirkarimi (G-inc) 15,150 78%
    O’Donnell 3,254 17%
    with 83% reporting

    S.F. Board of Supervisors – District 9
    * Campos 4,249 35%
    Mark Sanchez (G) 3,515 29%
    with 66% reporting

  4. The Green Party now has Richard Carroll elected to Arkansas State House District 39 I (Conrad Harvin) received over 1,000 votes or 11%

    All of our federal candidates received double digit results.

  5. Ross Mirkarimi, San Francisco’s second Green elected to the Board of Supervisors after Matt Gonzalez, has won reelection with a resounding 77.5%. Could Mayor Mirkarimi be on the way?

    Green candidate Mark Sanchez is currently in a close second in his run for SF Board of Supervisors with 29%. Because San Francisco has instant-runoff voting, Mark still has a very real chance of winning. Gotta love IRV!

    For more news on delicious Green wins in local races, check out http://network.greenchange.org/groups/election08

  6. Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap cruised to re-election on the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, Division 1.

    Total Votes 1,195
    STEPHEN DAVIES 415 34.73%
    Write-in Votes 1 0.08%

    As a side note – Kaitlin was first elected in 2004, the same year she was treasurer for the Cobb/LaMarche campaign. Her partner, David Cobb, lost his presidential bid that year but her win made all of us on the Cobb/LaMarche team so proud!


  7. Here’s Michigan:
    local-level candidates
    Allegan County/Lee Township Supervisor
    (1 of 1 precinct)
    Sally Ann Lacy (REP) 342 32.39%
    Steve Miller (DEM) 552 52.27%
    J. Walker (GRN) 113 10.70%
    Melvin J. Lewis 43 4.07%
    Write-in Votes 6 0.57%

    Calhoun County Clerk-Register
    (62 of 62 precincts; 3 of 3 AVCBs)

    Anne Norlander (REP) [I] 33,267
    Jonna Siano (DEM) 25,122
    John Anthony La Pietra (GRN) 2,502

    Cass County/Newberg Township Clerk
    (1 of 1 precinct)
    Korine Bachleda (I) 419 *re-elected*

    Grand Traverse County Commissioner/7th District

    Christine Maxbauer (REP) 3,068 69.68%
    Tom Mair (GRN) 1,313 29.82%
    Write-in Votes 22 0.50%

    Macomb County Commissioner/21st District
    (Freep.com, 2:09am —
    100% of precincts reporting)
    Patrick King (REP) 3,056 25%
    Irene Kepler (DEM) 8,078 66%
    Stephen Weed (GRN) 340 3%
    Larry Wallace (UST) 321 3%
    John Bonnell (LIB) 398 3%

    Wayne County Prosecutor
    (Freep.com, 6:33pm —
    100% of precincts reporting)
    Kym Worthy (DEM) [I] 716,904 92%
    Matthew R. Abel (GRN) 64,579 8%

    Wayne County Commissioner/5th District
    (Freep.com, 6:33pm —
    100% of precincts reporting)
    Ilona Varga (DEM) [I] 28,847 91%
    Dianne Feeley (GRN) 2,840 9%

    Wayne County Commissioner/6th District
    (Freep.com, 6:33pm —
    100% of precincts reporting)
    Keith Williams (DEM) [I] 53,022 98%
    Louis M. Novak (GRN) 1,029 2%


  8. I need to do a report and I need to know the green party results. They ask for a minor party and the electoral votes. Where can I go and what are some other suggestions

  9. The Green Party won 0 electoral votes.

    Electoral votes are mostly allocated to the Presidential candidate who gets the most votes in a given state. Only the Democrats and Republicans have won electoral votes for a long long long time.

    For Presidential election results, see this:

    For other elections involving Green Party candidates (Congress, Governor, Mayor, etc.) I would recommend this database:

    Good luck!

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