Election Hangover of Hope

I think I share with many other Greens a deep sense of appreciation toward Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente for taking on one of the toughest jobs in America. They both spoke about building a movement, and I don’t think that work ended last night on Nov. 4. The political landscape has changed, and the Green Party will need to adapt to this new landscape and pursue new opportunities and leave old barriers behind us.

I am sure that there are many who might feel disappointed in these results, but I have to ask if you are really all that surprised by them? Cynthia McKinney was the only major candidate left off of CNN’s radar, and what “main stream media” coverage she did get (Washington Post, FoxNews) were hit pieces meant to further discredit the campaign. Cynthia McKinney is a 6 term Congresswoman with more experience in government than Obama, but she got less coverage than Chuck Baldwin, a radio minister. Wayne Allyn Root got more coverage than Cynthia McKinney. Why? Why the Blackout? It can’t be because she is an African American, can it? It can’t be because she is a woman, can it? Was it her message? Was it her lack of money?

However, I am not depressed by the outcome. The results of the Presidential election are of course disappointing, but on the other hand, over 150,000 Americans, of those who even had the opportunity, voted for Cynthia McKinney, despite the lack of coverage, despite the ballot access, and despite the politics of fear.

Congratulations to everyone who voted for the Green Party for sticking with your values and your beliefs.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Maybe she should go around to all the networks and slap the anchors for disrespecting her as she did the capitol police. She is a joke and an embarassment to the human race.

  2. Thanks Ron. This is a great way to wrap up the campaign. I was a bit depressed at our results, but you are right, this is a movement, and it continues, starting today!

  3. In the words of many before her, it is a long road and she may not get there with us, but we will overcome. The Green Party HAS THE BEST MESSAGE and HAS THE VISION, we must continue to work and fight and eventually, we will prevail.

  4. I am truly excited. To get as many votes as she did, despite media coverage, funding, and mainstream support is a victory.

    To inspire so man people despite this Obama Mania is a victory.

    To touch as many people as she did, despite the die hard Nader supporters is a success.

    We have much work to still do, but we have a good foundation to build it on. Let’s start working.

  5. Hey, here’s how I look at the “results”. The election results are just numbers. The “real results” is the impact this race has had on people across our country. The numbers don’t tell you how many people have been inspired and touched by Rosa and Cynthia. The numbers don’t reveal how many new people have been turned on to vote, let alone get interested in the Green Party. I am proud of the work every Green has done and I am proud of Rosa and Cynthia for their tireless efforts.
    Yeah, there’s still a lot of work to do. But I found myself last night already thinking about 2012!

  6. I think a healthy patience and recognition is needed that we who long for a more just, democratic, free ecologically sustainable world may be in for a mighty long struggle. It’s not an completely apt comparison, but it might be worth looking at the Irish struggles against British occupation that spanned some 800 years. I mean, as much as those of us who wish and work to see a progressive political formation independent of the two parties opposed much of what Obama stands for, he himself is an emodiment of this principle. Not long ago the injustices that would prevent him from becoming president were seen as business-as-usual status quo ‘can’t fight city hall’ stuff. But it is not so anymore. And if we continue working for many of the beautiful and right things that the Green Party ran for in this election, maybe some day our principles and values will prevail. It’s definitely not for certain that they will, but one thing is: If we give up the hope and the fight to see that they do, they undoubtedly won’t. And I feel the same way Ron and Deanna do in feeling proud of and grateful to Cynthia and Rosa for their passion and spirit and the fact that I was able to cast a vote for the two of them.

  7. Thank you, C. McKinney, for running (POTUS). I voted for you.

    Several weeks ago, I noticed that Obama was paying about $7US+/- per vote, McCain about $4US+/- per vote, McKinney about $0.15US+/-per vote; pre-estimated per est. turnout at poll.

    McKinney’s campaign didn’t hurt my pocketbook! I got more change in my pocket, so feel free to run again.

    BTW, thanks for coming to Seattle in the campaign stops. I’m at 23rd & Union every Friday for ‘War Protest’ right next to one of your Seattle stops. Unfortunately, the idiot/dipshit group I work with is waaay too busy hating and waging all-out war on Republicans to even notice that you dropped by.


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