Rebekah Kennedy Pulls Record Results for U.S. Senate

Rebekah Kennedy, running for U.S. Senate in a head to head race against conservative Democrat Mark Pryor in Arkansas, took in 206,504 votes for 20.54% of the vote. This is the highest percent vote return of any Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate ever. Furthermore, 206,504 votes is the second most number of votes won by a Green Party U.S. Senate candidate ever, second only to Medea Benjamin’s 2000 Senate race in California (326,828). For a brief history of Green U.S. Senate candidates click here.

In Illinois, Kathy Cummings pulled in 115,621 votes for 2.56%, the fifth highest number of votes for a Green Senate candidate.

In Colorado, Bob Kinsey won 46,014 votes for 2.13%.

In Michigan, Harvey Mikkelson won 44,439 votes for 0.92%.

In Washington D.C., Keith Ware’s 14,602 votes netted him 7.45%, which puts him in the top 10 highest vote percents for Green Senate candidates.

Chris Lugo in Tennessee took 9,103 votes for 0.38&, and Steve Larrick in Nebraska took in 7,235 votes for 0.95%.

All told, these seven candidates won 443,518 votes, the most votes for a Green Party slate of candidates since the 2000 election, when Medea Benjamin and 9 other candidates brought in over 700,000 votes. This should be seen as a good sign for the Green Party.

My spreadsheet listing Green Party US Senate candidates is on Google docs, and it is mostly based on the excellent Green Party Election Database.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted with all the GP results.

    Claire – GP of Colorado

  2. I’m just sorry I haven’t been able to do more and faster. I’ve been at a conference in South Carolina since the day after the election and haven’t been able to follow up on all our results.

    While I’ m here though I’m going to try to grab a cup of she crab soup with Mr. Jocoy though!

  3. Wow – so she got significantly more votes than McKinney did nationally? …..Colin Young

    My $0.02 +/- US (aka 2 cents):

    I got a hunch that many people who voted for Mckinney used a dastardly/bastardly abomination called the provisional ballot, which aren’t even opened unless the gob’ment exp’r’nces a ‘contested election’. The statistics (lies) we get from the gob’ment about who got what votes are mainly about the D’s and R’s. To save money, the counting DOES NOT include much detail work on ‘write-ins’ or ‘provisional ballots’.

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that McKinney actually got about four (4) times the votes nationally than were reported. No one knows.
    No one cares?

  4. I registered in August to vote by absentee ballot in NY. On the form, I indicated that the ballot should be sent to my father. Two weeks before the election, it still hadn’t come, so we contacted the board of elections in Albany. They told us that my father had to pick up the ballot in person. Since he was away on a weeklong business trip, he picked up my ballot 8 days before the election (7 days before it had to be signed, sealed and postmarked) and spent $40 to mail it to Norway by the thursday before the election.
    I know my vote wasn’t in the official results on wednesday, but I hope that it registers at some point. Given that Greg Palast reported that in 2004, 750,000 absentee votes went uncounted, I just don’t know. If you’ve read Palast’s free online comic “Steal Back Your Vote” then you already know that the role of modern election officials is to do whatever they can to keep your vote from counting – we have to be ready for them.
    Also, I don’t think the NYS BoE has any particular love for registered Greens – Peter LaVenia once told me about his friend who tried to register Green in NY, but was registered Republican by BoE… twice. After the second time he called up and said, ‘Thanks, guys… now I KNOW it wasn’t a mistake.’

  5. “spent $40 to mail it to Norway ….Greg Palast …’04, 750,000 absentee votes went uncounted“Steal Back Your Vote
    Green Ferret


    That’s good info. The gob’ment has all kinds of ways to shut us down (third-party folks). Here in WA state, y’all might call it ‘pencil-whipping’ where the third-parties get routinely pencil-whipped out many of their votes. In ’04, the Pencil-Whipper-in-Chief (Sam Reed) had a third-party-challenge to his own crooked empire that came by way of ‘Provisional Ballots’, but managed to shut down the numbers, and then to shut down third parties almost entirely by changing ballot access rules.

    For the Green Party, expect the ‘Establishment’ to conveniently ‘change the rules’ as soon as you get good results on voting statistics.

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