Green Party Narrowly Loses Arkansas County Assessor Race

November 18, 2008 in State Party News

Elizabeth McCoy, running for Chicot County Assessor in Arkansas versus a Democrat, narrowly lost her bid. In a final manual recount, Democrat Barbara Esters won 2,300 to 2,270, a difference of 30 votes. Machine recounts in the close race weren’t helping the recount, so the Arkansas Green Party paid just under $1,000 for a manual recount.

From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

For a Green Party candidate to stay competitive in a race in Arkansas, it helps if a candidate already has local name recognition, as McCoy did.

She previously worked in the assessor’s office, did a half-year stint as a fill-in county judge after the elected judge died in 2007 and unsuccessfully ran for assessor twice before.

McCoy also campaigned hard. She attended every forum she could to meet voters and ran about two months’ worth of newspaper and radio advertisements before Election Day.

She also publicized her Green Party membership.

“We have such a Democratic mindset down here, basically that’s just the way people vote,” McCoy said. “I didn’t want them to get to the polls and say, `Oh, I thought she was a Democrat,’ and not vote for me.”

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