Malik Rahim Radio Spot

November 24, 2008 in Congressional Campaigns

Malik Rahim is running for US Congress in Louisiana. The election is Dec. 6.

Green Change has posted the Audio of Malik Rahim’s Radio ad running in New Orleans.

Listen to it here.

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  1. “Breaking Green News” – Sorry to hijack thread

    Boston (Mass) City Councilor CHUCK TURNER
    (arguably the highest currently elected green on the east coast) has been charged with accepting bribes (bellow link includes FBI photos)

    Turner, was arrested by the FBI friday Nov 21 for allegedly taking a $1,000 bribe. He claims he is innocent. Turner was released on a $50,000 bond. Turner and his supporters held a rally in front of City Hall Monday afternoon Nov. 24th.
    the link bellow has video of rally

    Turner’s website is:
    Boston City Council

    sorry again to hijack the thread figured this was big time green party news.

  2. Malik Rahim is mentioned in the latest New Orleans Times-Picayune article about William Jefferson’s impending trial. Republicans are leaving messages to tell people to vote for their candidate, Joseph Cao. We can’t let the anti-Jefferson vote default to the Republicans, who have the most responsibility for the tragedy of Katrina. Get on there and let New Orleanians know that they can vote for a great candidate and still vote against the bad:

    (btw, a lot of comments there are ignorant and/or racist, as is unfortunately the case when you venture outside of GPW. Let’s leave comments that would make Malik proud as well as win him votes.)

  3. I clocked in my first phonebanking session for Malik last night. The computerized system makes it easy to track who you’re calling and the responses. You get a pretty comprehensive script and flowchart you can really on as well. Right now, we’re just calling Louisiana Greens, so this is a great time to get warmed up. I had a relative of one of my voters say she was voting against Jefferson and was going to default to Cao. Hopefully, I helped her towards Malik. We need many more volunteers making the calls and spreading the word. For the win!