Green Party Councilor Chuck Turner Arrested and Charged

November 25, 2008 in State Party News

According to the Boston Globe, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, a Green-Rainbow Party member and City Councilor since 2000, was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with accepting a bribe. The affidavit alleges that Turner accepted a $1,000 cash bribe on Aug. 3, 2007, in exchange for pushing for a liquor license for a local business.

Video news of a rally for Turner, and actions the Boston City Council may take can be watched here.

Chuck Turner maintains his innocence, and there is a website devoted to supporting Chuck Turner here.

Thanks to Mike Indiana for alerting us to this story! More as we know more.

10 responses to Green Party Councilor Chuck Turner Arrested and Charged

  1. This is really unfortunate. We Greens usually are depicted and tout our ways of clean government and transparency. I’ll let the courts decide before passing condemnation. Like the saying goes, “innocent until proven guilty.”

  2. This reminds me of the Zimmerman case in the Twin Cities several years ago.

  3. Besides the recent allegations against Chuck Turner and the conviction of former Minneapolis Minn. City Council member Dean Zimmerman does anyone know of any other greens who have either had allegations of bribery leveled against them or convictions for it.

    Weather the allegations against Turner are true or not sadly doesn’t matter to most people . The court of public opinion seems to have already reached its conclusion.

  4. What a huge embarrassment to our party.

  5. I don’t know Chuck Turner personally, but this doesn’t fit in with anything I’ve heard about him. We can only speculate for now – at least, that’s what the media is doing – but does taking a $1,000 bribe seem typical for a 45-year activist who is known for putting in unpaid overtime? What we do know is that he is a thorn in the side for special interests who are used to getting their way from the Massachusetts Democratic machine. I would reserve judgement until we hear the facts, not just the allegations.

  6. Michael you seem so bitter

  7. Don’t feed the troll.

  8. Democrats and Republicans accept campaign contributions like that ALL THE TIME (just google “Washington lobbyists”). This is just a political witch hunt targeting the Green Party, regardless of whether or not the accusation is even true.

  9. Time to face the fact: All politicans are ego triping, money, hungry, power seeking, bunch of fruit cakes! Why do you think we’re in such trouble now?

  10. The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party has a press release up at their site, “Green-Rainbow Party stands with Chuck Turner, calls for broad investigation of influence-peddling”.

    That’s exactly the sort of gutsy response that I would expect from my friends in the Green-Rainbow Party. A couple of quotes:

    “We call for a thorough investigation of the buying of political influence through campaign contributions and lobbying. This is the vast landscape of legal corruption that has undermined the very foundations of our economy and environment,” added GRP co-chair Nat Fortune. “We urge Chuck’s many supporters to share their experiences over many years of witnessing his honest and selfless commitment to the well-being of our world and all its people. We insist that his strong voice for justice be treated with respect in an open and fair process.”

    “Any charges of corruption worry us, because our security, the quality of our lives, our jobs, health, and communities have long been undermined by the legal corruption of a political system awash in big money,” said GRP communications director Eli Beckerman. “But these accusations against Councilor Turner simply do not fit with our longstanding and consistent experience of his impeccable integrity and devoted service to the community.”