Ten Greens I’m Thankful For

November 27, 2008 in Editorials

Ten Greens I’m Thankful For:

Cynthia McKinney, for taking the plunge into the Green Party and being our standard bearer in 2008, for inspiring and exciting Greens across the country, for brilliantly articulating a message of radical yet common sense change for America, and for bringing new folks into the party. I was proud to campaign for her.

Rosa Clemente, for proudly declaring “we are the imperative”, for proudly introducing the Green Party to the Hip Hop Political Movement, for her honesty and for speaking her mind and never couching her words, and for her colorful language in interviews that spoke to me in a language I could relate to.

Jesse Johnson, for bringing the West Virginia Mountain Party into the Green Party, for running a unique campaign for the Green Party presidential nomination, and for turning around on short notice and launching an impressive issue-oriented campaign for Governor of West Virginia.

Kent Mesplay, for putting himself out there as a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, for bringing his message to Wisconsin and so many other parts of the country.

Kat Swift, for living her dream of running for President, for campaigning while working full time, for being ‘real’ and speaking from the heart, and for campaigning dressed as Wonder Woman at a parade.

Pete Karas, for stepping up and helping to coordinate the Wisconsin Power to the People campaign, for setting up some great events for McKinney in Racine in September, for starting “the wave” at the Symphony Center in Chicago at the Presidential nominating convention, and for scheming to bring Public Enemy to the public beach in Racine for a special benefit show for Rosa Clemente (which, obviously, didn’t happen…)

Brenda Konkel, Madison Common Councilor, for demonstrating through actions how effective a Green can be serving in local office making a difference in the community she lives in.

Tony Palmeri, Oshkosh Common Councilor, for making us proud with his service in office locally, for speaking his mind and standing by his principles, and for getting me involved in the Green Party four years ago when he ran for State Assembly.

Cindy Stimmler, Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Green Party, who put up with me as her co-chair last year and kept us all on task.

Ruth Weill, for dragging me into the Co-Chair role with the Wisconsin Greens two years ago, and for putting together a helluva Green Party Convention in Chicago this July.

4 responses to Ten Greens I’m Thankful For

  1. Thanks for the nice post. I am thankful for my two Green members of the Fairfax, CA city council.

  2. I’m thankful for Ron Hardy and Marnie Glickman. And I’m not just saying that because I know they’re watching this post ;) I say it because they’re painting the netroots Green!

  3. Thanks to Matt Funicello & Howie Hawkins for introducing the Green Party to me.

  4. How about Gregg Jocoy for putting this website together?