Draft EcoAction Committee Proposal for Green Party Statement on Water

November 29, 2008 in Ecological Wisdom & the Environment, Editorials, National Greens

The EcoAction Committee considers the importance of the water resource a critical priority in this election year and every year after. The Green Party advocates for the future well-being of generations to come by actively working to implement the necessary legislation, electing the committed candidates and establishing the required administrative and political measures in every state. We actively work in accordance with our Key Values to make the changes needed to empower the people to make the decisions regarding the water resource that impact on their daily lives.
We want:
* to work together with our neighbors in making decisions that recognize the stake that future generations have in those decisions; (Future Focus)

* to make plans that care for our water resources in ways that recognize our dependence on a finite supply of fresh water respect the integrity of ecosystems and the natural patterns of water and to recognize the impact of decisions on surface, ground and oceanic waters; (Ecological Wisdom)
* to recognize that we share our world with other peoples who are impacted by the policies of the US in the World Bank and support the rights of indigenous peoples and other nations to assure their ability to survive and access clean, affordable water resources and maintain their traditional cultures; (Personal and Global Responsibility)
* to assure accountability on the part of those making decisions on water use by having them be elected officials representing the community of varied users, water specialists, the environment and the water companies directly accountable to local people; (Grassroots Democracy)
*to acknowledge the diversity of plant and animal life dependent on long-enduring ecosystems and to recognize the planetary importance of water systems on all life; (Respect for Diversity)
* to prevent the usurpation of public rights by privatization and multi-national corporations and maintain local public control of water resource planning and management (Decentralization)
* to make affordable drinking water available to everyone in the bio-region as a priority, recognizing that access to such water is a basic human right and include the impacts on impoverished neighborhoods, rural communities and family farmers of water policy decisions; (Social Justice)
* and to integrate local policies regarding water conservation, re-use, land use and urban planning within the parameters of the existing regional renewable supplies of water, and maintain a working relation between urban economic development with local rural agriculture. (Community-based Economics and Economic Justice)
The National Committee of the Green Party of the United States and its affiliated state parties will work to educate candidates, engage the public in supporting positive legislation at all levels of government and unite with public officials in implementing the changes needed to realize these goals. The impacts of climate change necessarily need to be included in water policies. The reforms needed take political changes and reforms in our water management systems. It will take updating of water laws to address changing populations and local priorities. It will take a political party and its candidates to educate the public of the crisis that has already been demonstrated from Maine to Florida to the South West and California. There is no time, and no water, to waste.
We propose that state parties review this resolution and consider its implications locally and within their respective states. We invite input into any part of it prior to an introduction sponsored by any state to the National Committee. It is our hope to provide an initial template that states may sharpen and review with their local organizations, other states and the EcoAction Committee. This resolution when approved will be posted prior to its introduction on the NC list for circulation and review by affiliated state parties. It is an action proposal and not an amendment to the Platform. Part of that action is the internal education and dialogue generated before its introduction as an NC Resolution. Another part of it is to discuss policy as it relates to our general work surrounding the water resource and review differences as they exist and to formulate a proposal that addresses concerns. Finally, a review of priorities of work in this area can be established by state parties as they are relevant to local conditions.

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