Green Party Condemns Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Green Party condemns Israel’s massive air attack on Gaza, calls on US to rein in Israel and seek a ceasefire

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States calls for an immediate end to Israel’s bombing attacks on Gaza, which in the past four days has already caused at least 364 deaths, including Palestinian women and children, with hundreds more wounded.

“It’s clear that President Bush gave a green light for Israel’s massive and disproportionate display of force. The Green Party demands that the US seek a bilateral ceasefire, with immediate pressure on Israel to stop the bombardment and end the occupation,” said Rosa Clemente, the Green Party’s 2008 candidate for Vice President of the United States

Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party’s 2008 presidential candidate, had joined the Free Gaza Groupon the SS Dignity, which sailed from Cyprus to deliver three tons of medicine and humanitarian aid to Gaza in defiance of an Israeli blockade. Ms. McKinney was safe after Israeli gunboats attempted to intercept the Dignity last night and one gunboat illegally rammed the vessel in international waters, 90 miles off the Gaza coast. Despite damage sustained in the encounter, the Dignity has docked safely in Lebanon and Ms. McKinney is on her way to Beirut.

In an interview on CNN, Cynthia McKinney said, “What we have gone through pales in comparison to what the people of the Gaza Strip are suffering.” Ms. McKinney is challenging President-elect Barack Obama to condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza.
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Cynthia McKinney’s Account of Attack on Relief Ship

From Kim Wilder:

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was the Green Party candidate for President in 2008. Ms. McKinney traveled aboard the boat “Dignity”, which tried to bring doctors and medical supplies to Gaza, as a humanitarian response to the recent bombing of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli government.The Dignity is a project of www.freegaza.org. Ms. McKinney writes:

December 30, 2008: Oh What a Day!

I’m so glad that my father told me to buy a special notebook and to write everything down because that’s exactly what I did.

When we left from Cyprus, one reporter asked me “are you afraid?” And I had to respond that Malcolm X wasn’t afraid; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t afraid. But little did I know that just a few hours later, I would be recollecting my life and mentally preparing myself for death.

When we left Cyprus, the Mediterranean was beautiful. I remember the time when it might have been beautiful to look at, but it was also filthy. The Europeans have taken great strides to clean it up and yesterday, it was beautiful. And the way the sunlight hit the sea, I remember thinking to myself that’s why they call it azure. It was the most beautiful blue.

But sometimes it was rough, and we got behind on our schedule. We stayed on course, however, despite the roughness of the water and due to our exquisite captain.

There were no other ships or boats around us and night descended upon us all rather quickly. It was the darkest black and suddenly, out of nowhere, came searchlights disturbing our peace. The searchlights stayed with us for about half an hour or so. We knew they were Israeli ships. Who else would they be?

They were fast, and they would come close and then drop back. And then, they’d come close again. And then, all of a sudden there was complete blackness once again and all seemed right. The cat and mouse game went on for at least one half hour. What were they doing? And why?

Calm again. Black sky, black sea. Peace. And then, at that very moment, when all seemed right, out of nowhere we were rammed and rammed again and rammed again the last one throwing me off the couch, sending all our food up in the air; and all the plastic bags and tubs–evidence of sea sicknesses among the crew and passengers–flew all over the cabin and all over us. We’d been rammed by the Israelis. How did we know? Because they called us on the phone afterwards to tell us that we were engaging in subversive, terroristic activity. And if that if we didn’t turn around right then and return to Larnaca, Cyprus, we would be fired upon. We quickly grabbed our lifevests and put them on. Then the captain announced that the boat was taking on water. We might have to evacuate. One of my mates told me to prepare to die. And I reflected that I have lived a good and full life. I have tasted freedom and know what it is. I was right with myself and my decision to join the Free Gaza movement.
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McKinney May Try Again For Gaza (Wash Times)

From the Washington Times:

The father of former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Georgia Democrat, said Tuesday his daughter may try again to take medical supplies to war-battered Gaza.

The father, Billy McKinney, one of Atlanta’s first black law enforcement officers, quoted his daughter as telling him by telephone Tuesday that an Israeli patrol boat three times rammed a mercy vessel carrying her, 15 other activists and medical supplies to Gaza.

Nobody aboard the boat was hurt, but the vessel was destroyed, he said she told him. He said his daughter called to say that she was safe.
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Israeli Navy Rams Relief Boat With McKinney On Board

A relief ship carrying medical supplies to Gaza as well as reporters and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was intercepted in International Waters by Israeli gunboats early today. One Israeli ship rammed the “Dignity”, a ship owned by the Free Gaza movement sailing under the flag of Gibraltar. The Dignity took damage, and was reportedly being escorted to a port in Lebanon. Apparently no passengers were hurt.

See The Guardian: “Israel accused of ramming Gaza aid ship

See Fox News: “Cynthia McKinney Aboard Boat Headed for Gaza, Intercepted by Israeli Naval Force

And visit Free Gaza frequently for regular updates on the situation.


Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney On Relief Mission to Gaza

News from FreeGaza.org:

Dignity Leaves for Gaza on Emergency Mission of Mercy

(Larnaca, Cyprus) The Free Gaza movement will hold a press conference at 16:30, Monday, December 29 at the port in Larnaca. The organization is sending in the DIGNITY on an emergency mission of mercy to Gaza loaded with three to four tons of urgently needed medical supplies.

On board are four physicians, including Dr. Elena Theoharous, a surgeon and Member of Parliament in Cyprus. Also going are The Hon. Cynthia McKinney, former U.S. Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate, and Sami al-Hajj, an Al Jazeera reporter and former detainee at Guantanamo.

Dr Khaled from the Shifa hospital ICU in Gaza City told us on Saturday that the majority of cases are critical shrapnel wounds from Israeli gunboats and helicopters, with an approximate 80% who will not survive.

The medical supply list includes bandages, splints and rubber gloves, items that any medical community should have access to, but, because of Israel’s policies of collective punishment, these supplies are not available.

Eliza Ernshire, one of the Free Gaza organizers says, “We have calls for surgeons willing to go into Gaza and work there throughout this crisis. The doctors inside are exhausted and unable to cope with the number of wounded. We will do our best to send in the DIGNITY as often as we can over the next few weeks, bringing in physicians and medical supplies.

The media is welcome to come to the port at 16:30 to interview the passengers.

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Todd Price Running for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction

Todd Price, a long-time Green Party activist has decided to run for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction in this Spring’s election. The state wide race is non-partisan.

Price is an impressive and qualified candidate. Todd Alan Price is Associate Professor of Educational Foundations and Inquiry in the National College of Education, National-Louis University. Price has long advocated for teachers and students, and supports putting the public back in public education. His recently published book co-authored with Elizabeth Peterson, “The Myth and Reality of No Child Left Behind: Public Education and High Stakes Assessment,” documents the actual, devastating impact of the controversial law on teaching and learning. He has traveled extensively, presenting on the issues of education policy, curriculum and instruction, and distance education at numerous conferences.

The first challenge is to get Todd on the ballot. Dozens of volunteers are out working to collect the 2,000 signatures required by January 6 to get on the ballot. If you live in Wisconsin or nearby, the Price Campaign could use your help! Contact Pete Karas at 262-498-5021 or email petekaras at yahoo.com if you can help collect signatures before Sunday January 4.
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Michigan Green Party Opposes Auto Bailout

The Co-Chair of the Michigan Green Party issued the below statement regarding the “Auto Industry Bailout”, stating “…Not one job saved, not one community protected…” by the bailout plan.

Statement of Fred Vitale, Chairperson, Green Party of Michigan

The Green Party of Michigan strenuously opposes the $17.4 billion bailout for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

The agreement by the Bush administration to use a small part of the $700 billion already promised to Wall Street bankers is no victory for working people in Michigan. The loans support the failed policies of the current corporate leaderships.

Not only have they systematically pressured the union to reduce the living standards, but they have undermined the construction of mass transportation, fought laws to reduce pollution, and refused to build ecologically friendly automobiles.

GM, Chrysler and Ford are not democratic institutions. Product choices and policy were and are made by boards of directors and top executives. Why are the workers and communities punished for decisions that weren’t theirs?
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Rosa Clemente on the Disconnect Between Hip Hop and Obama

Rosa Clemente has written an article for the Green Institute on the Hip Hop Movement, Barack Obama, and the movement she she wants to fight for.

I’m looking forward to more articles like this!

Why President Elect Barack Obama is not the first Hip Hop President

By Rosa A. Clemente
The Green Institute


“Each generation out of relative obscurity, must discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.” Frantz Fanon

It has been 45 days since the Hip Hop generation helped usher in the first Black male President of the United States of America. Since that historic night, many within Hip Hop culture, like writer Greg Kot of the Boston Globe, entrepreneur Russell Simmons, artists Common, Jay-Z and P. Diddy, have declared President-Elect Obama the first Hip Hop president. In my humble opinion they are wrong, dead wrong. It does not matter how many Hip Hop pundits, non-profit organizations, and recognizable figures within the culture declare it. Much like an MC or B-Girl battle, I’m ready to challenge that declaration.

As a long time community organizer and Hip Hop activist and journalist, I have always followed a rule: never allow someone to become your priority while you become his or her option. For President Elect Barack Obama and the entire Democrat Party leadership in this country, the Hip Hop generation has never been a priority, we have always been an option and that option is used mostly to get out the vote during elections. Efforts like Vote or Die, Generation Vote, Rock the Vote, Respect my Vote, do not empower a generation – they are catchy slogans emblazoned on pretty white tees that offer empty rhetoric. At the end of the day, those G.O.T.V. efforts become guaranteed votes for the Democratic Party and often fail to educate their followers about candidates that run outside of the two-party system….

Read the rest of the article here at the Green Institute