Volunteer Reports from Rahim Campaign

Pete Karas of Racine, Wisconsin went down to New Orleans last week to volunteer for the Malik Rahim campaign. He called today from New Orleans and sent a few pictures. (Below: Pete Karas with Malik Rahim)

Pete said that he has been going out daily with other volunteers doing doors, dropping lit, talking to people. He said that people he has talked to have been very receptive, they know Malik or have heard of him, but many are unaware that there is an election this Saturday. “Oh Malik is running?” Raising awareness of the election has been one of the challenges.

Pete felt that the Incumbent Jefferson wasn’t doing much at all for the election, but the Republican Cao has been aggressive in getting his message out. The Rahim Campaign got up 3 billboards in prominent locations, have been running radio ads, and on Saturday night there was a campaign event at an International Art Festival, held in an old warehouse, a display in remembrance of Katrina. About 50 or 60 people were there.

Everyone down in New Orleans is excited about the campaign, and the Louisiana Greens are really committed. How Rahim will do come Saturday Dec. 6 will depend on the GOTV efforts between now and then.

Learn more about the campaign at http://www.votemalik.com/

Ronald Hardy

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  1. Thanks for the update. Green news is good news!

    I also got an email update from VoteMalik.com today – here’s an excerpt:

    The campaign is shifting to high gear. We have placed 800 lawn signs, 260 t-shirts, expanded our radio ads, and the campaign is featured on three digital billboards. Teams have canvassed uptown and downtown neighborhoods in the district. We have print ads in the Louisiana Weekly (largest Black paper) and Gambit Weekly (arts and entertainment paper), distributed over 17,000 push cards and volunteers continue to distribute literature. Selfless volunteers from across the country are phone banking to bring Malik’s message of hope and progressive social change to the District’s voters. Despite all of this, Malik is still being ignored or disparaged by the local media.

    What we do- what each and every one of us does- in the next five days will decide the election. Please tell everyone you know that there is an election on December 6 and Malik Rahim is the candidate to support!

    If you can phone bank from home (if your home is in district or even out of state), please sign up to phone bank at: http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/1488/t/689/signUp.jsp?key=2078

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