Connecticut, St. Louis, & Cuba

Stories from other sources today (it is one of those days!)

Connecticut Green Party sues over dirty “clean election” law (Posted “on the Wilderside“)

Minor parties like the Greens, by contrast, can only get the full grant if they raise the benchmark amount of cash, and if they won 20 percent of the vote for a seat the prior election, or submit valid signatures equal to 20 percent of the vote…

Independent Political Report links to a story about a potential Green Party candidate for Mayor of St. Louis:

The Green Party’s Elston K. McCowan, a preacher and union official, was the first mayoral hopeful to declare his intention to challenge incumbent Francis Slay.

And while he has been stumping for weeks, McCowan is yet to officially file.

McKinney and Sheehan: Human Rights Delegates in Cuba – read their dispatch at “On the Wilderside“:

McKinney: On the morning of December 10, 2008, Cindy Sheehan, Nelson Valdes, Saul Landau, and I signed a declaration as the U.S. delegates to an international conference assessing sixty years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sponsored by the Network of Networks in Defense of Humanity. Here is our declaration:
We celebrate sixty years of failure…

Ronald Hardy


  1. Smart of Elston McCowan that he’s already on the stump, building a base to challenge the sitting mayor. I think the election’s in May, is that right?

    Anyone know anything about Elston McCowan?

  2. I have known Mr. McCowan for a long time, though I am bias, I can comfortably say that he is a man of character and a heart for the people. He will always put the people of St. Louis first, above any other agendas.

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